Diane Sawyer interviews Jaycee Dugard 7/10/11, ABC 2-hr. Special, 9PM EST: Jaycee was kidnapped by Garridos, supposedly one-time JWs

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  • Berengaria

    Purps!! We don't see enough of you!

  • purplesofa

    I am tweeting about the JW stuff re: Garrido. This part is a whole story in itself. The system failed her on every level.

  • watson

    Yes, we want to see more of you Purps.

  • Free!!

    I was watching the special until about 3 minutes ago... to see how perverted and twisted the minds of the Garrido's are is just shocking!!

    This man manipulated Nancy Garrido to the extent she would go to the park with him to take video of little kids to satisfy his urges!!! GROSSS.... one thing that kept coming to my mind was that after all, as a dub her life was so deprived and all of her natural sexual desires were repressed, is not hard for someone completly repressed and afraid of life to fall for someone like Garrido... I am not excusing her at all, she deserves each one of the 34+ years she got and a little more, but a spring comes to mind, someone (the borg) holds it (the spring) so tight in its hand than when its released (to the real world) it flies all over the place... hence, all of this rapist, child molesters, druggies who are ex JW-dubs.....

    What do u think?

  • purplesofa

    There are so many issues with Jaycees story, its unbelievable, I am in awe at her inner peace. I have sparked the interest of an old JW friend asking about the JW connection. I have always been highly concerned about Nancy preaching in prison and any woman going to a prison to preach. I understand initially she was with her Uncle, but I want to know more. How did this go on, how was it supervised. Did the congregation know? What was there part? Hi Watson and Berengia ;) Will try to pop in more, thanks.

  • Violia

    I've seen her on TV and she looks like she is mainlining Valium. Perhaps PTSD or dissociative disorder? There is no way she is OK after what she went through. A person can appear to function but be lost in time somewhere after these sort of things.

  • Timothy Riches
    Timothy Riches

    I'm VERY pleased she brought up the JW connection! The JWs have always preyed upon those who are desparate, and sought out prisons as perfect recruitment zones. This isn't the first time that a JW has stood up for someone in the dock, despite heinous crimes as many well know. They have such a naive sense of what YHWH can do in the life of a person, and consider repentance to be genuine without exception. Gullible doesn't begin to describe it! How much more so are they blind to those within their ranks who are accused by less than 2 witnesses? Their confidence in the ability of YHWH to keep the congregations clean makes them a deviant's paradise indeed!

  • Jim_TX

    I think that the JW connection was made very well.

    I hope that these two (Garrido's) rot in jail.


    Jim TX

  • willyloman

    I had wondered (see earlier post, above, prior to interview) if DS would bring up the dub connection. And she did, briefly. After the interview was over, we were talking about how much detail was left out on purpose and how many on were repeated multiple times. You could condense the unduplicated transcript of Jaycee's words in these two hours down to about 20 minutes.

    Still, those few minutes were riveting and you can't blame ABC for stetching this to two hours to sell more commercials. They were under certain limits in terms of the agreement they made about what they could ask her.

    I was left wondering about her two daughters, who were 11 and 15 when they were rescued, which means they were both the same age or older than Jaycee was when she was kidnapped by this maniac. One of the people watching tv with us suggested they may have their own stories to tell but whether they will ever tell them won't be known until after they are of legal age.

    It was also interesting that the stepfather (the couple since divorced) was virtually unmentioned in the piece. He was also a victim, and was considered a suspect by police for many years after the event, although he was never charged. In a print interview after Jaycee was freed in 2009, he said the cops never informed him that he was no longer a suspect so he spent all those years in limbo. One of our fellow viewers wondered if he shared in any of the $20 million settlement the family got from the State of California to settle a lawsuit over their inept behavior in failing to supervise Garrido.

    The last 30 minutes was devoted to Chris Cuomo's "investigation" of that inept behavior, but his report was merely a rehash of old news and not that well delivered by the rookie journalist. It appeared that Jaycee's mom is orchestrating another lawsuit, this time against the Feds, perhaps thinking (or having been advised by lawyers) that there might be a potential settlement from them as well) Not that I blame her; no amount of money could pay for what they went through, so no one could judge this family for pursuing compensation if the money's out there.

    Back to the dub connection: I was struck by the fact that Diane S mentioned JWs, even though she didn't follow up on that (or at least they didn't air any follow up). I don't know who wrote the script and have no idea how much input DS had on that, but the fact that they included this connection in a report that was carefully edited regarding details about the crime suggests someone thought it was pertinent. Perhaps this link will be explored in future news reports.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I'm glad it was mentioned.

    It may not wake up any active JWs because they're programmed to disbelieve any media that makes the Borg look bad, but if it prevents some people from listening to their lunacy at the door or in the workplace, we can be glad she mentioned it.

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