Major confrontations......

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    I suggest a trident and a net. To the death!

    You have my sympathy Jeff. This must be a worry and a stress for you.

  • PSacramento

    No such thing as bad pets, just bad owners.

    That said, protecting ones loved ones takes precedence over pretty much everything.

  • Nickolas

    You can spray it with wasp spray. It sprays farther and straighter than pepper spray, but is just as irritating.

    First off you'll end up messing with the law if you use a pesticide for anything but what it's approved for on the label. If you spray a dog with wasp spray and the owner lodges a complaint against you then you will lose. From a practical standpoint there's a big difference between the two chemical compounds. Wasp spray is neither tested nor approved for use in self defense so there's no guarantee it will actually work anyway. Pepper spray has been tested, it does work and (unlike chemicals designed to kill things) it has no permanent negative effects. If you use it on your own property against an aggressive animal you're well within your rights. Previous caveat applies.

  • sizemik

    If you are attacked by a dog . . .

    1. Keep facing the dog . . . never let it circle you or get behind you.

    2. If it lunges or rushes to attack, crouch slightly and offer it your forearm at a right angle (your left if right-handed).

    3. The dog will take your forearm in it's jaws. Immediatley as this happens, reach for the dogs collar behind it's head. If there is no collar you will find loose skin behind the head. Grab it tight and PULL TOWARD YOU as hard as you can. This will force your arm toward the back of it's jaws where there is less bite power and molar teeth, which do not tear. You must MAINTAIN THE HOLD.

    4. Maintaining this hold, lift the dog's front paws off the ground. This prevents the dog from backing aggresively and breaking the hold. It also exposes the lower belly area.

    5. Deliver several kicks with the point of the toe to the lower belly just below the rib cage. This area is very vulnerable for a dog. You will severely damage the diaphragm and likely the liver also. Keep kicking until the dog begins to become noticibly limp and heavy. Do not desist prematurely.

    You will suffer some lacerations to your forearm. If the above proceedure is used correctly, this should be your only injuries. Note: this is most often fatal for the dog.

    Maintaining the hold is crucial. Some strength is required so the method is not recommended for children or weaker adults.

    ED: This method was taught to me by a member of the British SAS. He had used the method only once himself . . . on a pit bull . . . successfully.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Interesting method, sizemilk. Seems like it would be a method that might need practiced a bit before one used it. But if you could remember it in a moment of terror, it would prob do the job.



  • designs

    Pitbulls and Rottweilers- not good, got mauled by a Rottweiler, over 100 puncture wounds, emergency room, shots, not good bad dog bad dog, I still break out in a cold sweat around Rottweilers, they can sense the fear.

  • sizemik
    But if you could remember it in a moment of terror, it would prob do the job.

    Yeah Jeff . . . I've never tried it myself but have mentally rehearsed it often enough. The ex-SAS man who explained it to me is also an ex-JW. The one time he used it was in FS! He found the owner and apologised for killing his dog and advised him to take better care in future, and then showed him the injury to his forearm. He was a quiet spoken "take-no-shit" kinda guy . . . and nothing more came of it.

    I remember him saying that maintaining your "presence of mind" was the key . . . and forcing the left forearm to the back of the jaws against the pull of the right hand had to be with all your strength, even "working" your arm into the jaw apex before lifting etc.

    I guess if you're caught unawares with no other protection available . . . it could be a good method to be familiar with.

    designs . . . horrible experience. As you probably know, it is the incisors that do the damage. At least the above method, if successful, means you only get bitten once, maybe twice if it needs a couple of attempts, and then only in one place . . . and then hopefully take those incisors out of play

  • Free!!

    Nickolas, you are right i wouldnt risk my loved ones life but i would try any other method BEFORE hurting the animal, there are some posters here already telling the OP to kill the dog! i understand the risk of breeding and owning pitbulls (i dont own pits, i have yorkies!) but i am just asking the OP to try any other method before trying to shoot/poison/feed glass to the poor dog... pits are a dangerous breed, but they are not the problem, the problem are the moronic irresponsibles owners that get those dog and do not take care of them!

  • Violia

    with enough adrenalin pumping could an adult choke a dog to death?

    It does not matter whose fault it is, if a dog charges and attacks -you must be the winner.

    NC if a dog attacked my 2 yr old I would get an atty and call animal control and the police and they would put the dog down .

  • EmptyInside

    This situation is upsetting. Obviously,the owner of the dog doesn't care about the dog,or she would make sure it stays on her property. She should be the one to fence in her yard. It is people like that,who are irresponsible pet owners and the animal suffers. She's going to be a mother soon,you would think she would listen to reason.

    I know a rescue group that helps those who own the "bully"breeds. And they recommend not having the pit bull loose in a dog park,because,even if ,it's the little dog that starts the fight,the pit will get the blame.

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