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  • Free!!

    Do NOT hurt the animal!! is not its fault its owner is total idiot!!! you can sedate the animal and call the sheriff or just call the sheriff!! but please please please do NOT hurt the inocent animal, they cannot understand and they just do as they are taught! I am begging u here Do NOT hurt the poor dog!!

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Last month my dad was bitten by a neighbor's pitbull. My dad was walking on his property and the dog came in his yard and charged him. Punctured his thigh. The pitbull had never bitten anyone. My dad took control and used verbal and physical aggression to get the dog off his body and property. We all shudder thinking what would have happened if it had been one of the kids.

    edited: Last year the dog had gotten loose and a neighbor grabbed a bat and positioned himself to swing on the dog. The idiot owner got all enraged and was like, "if you hit my dog I'm gonna kill you." Some pitbull owners are completely out of their minds.

  • NewChapter

    The majority of pit bulls I've met are great dogs. Sometimes great dogs have assholes as owners. The problem with dogs like this is when they become aggressive they are deadly. My mother was bit, unprovoked, by a pit bull. It bit right through the heel of her shoe and into her foot--not a minor wound for a diabetic. All she did was walk up to someone's door with a friend (she was not a witness, it was a friend of a friend). She was upset and shaking and sat in the car. She asked for a glass of water and one of the children brought it to her, and then announced in her twangy little voice "My mama said you can't keep that glass. You got to give it back." My mom told the child to tell mama that she would take her whole house if she wanted.

    Asshole owners, and at least in this case, an aggressive dog.


  • Nickolas

    Free!!, please ask yourself, would you risk the life of someone you love for the life of an aggressive animal, even if it wasn't the animal's fault?

  • NewChapter

    My friend took her children to visit grandma. One of the dogs ran out and knocked the toddler over---held her down with a paw and bit her face. She needed stitches. Dead dog, right? NOPE. Grandma was concerned cuz the dog was pregnant and she didn't want to hurt the puppies. She watched this beast attack her baby granddaughter unprovoked. If my friend hadn't been able to yank the animal off her, it could have killed her. This was a two-year-old. The dog had the puppies--was it time to kill it now? No. That was all ancient history and we should all forget about it. Some people are unbalanced that way.


  • EmptyInside

    It's the owner who should pay the price,not the dog,since it isn't being aggressive. There are dog leash laws,and in most townships they are required to keep their dog under control at all times. Maybe if it's hurts her financially,she may listen to reason.

    And as Blondie said, all breeds of dogs can be a danger. It's punish the deed,not the breed. I volunteer at an animal shelter,and it is mainly pit bulls,and most of them are pretty gentle and sweet. But,on that note,I would be cautious with even the sweetest dog around a small child.

  • leavingwt

    This happened a few hours ago, just a few miles from my home. Some pit bulls were causing trouble, and the police officer blew his head off with a shotgun.

    An emotional debate in pearl Thursday among pet lovers. A Pearl police officer shoots and kills a family's pet pit bull after a gate is accidentally left ajar. Pet owners on both sides of this story are up in arms.

    The dogs got loose Monday. While they were out, other animals were harmed by the pit bulls. The young owners say their dogs are not vicious, that they have owned their pets since they were 6 weeks old. But the pit bulls killed two cats while on the loose.

    Outraged neighbors called police. They arrived before animal control got on the scene and killed the male dog. According to Misty Glenn, they used a shotgun not a pistol.

    "According to the gentleman that cremated him, it had no head left," her husband, John Glenn said. "I feel horrible he killed the cat and everything. He's never been vicious toward any human being or nothing like that. Pearl police stand by the officers actions, saying the male dog named 'John McCain' went into attack mode when he was cornered.

    Lt. Butch Townsend said, "That was cat #2 with his intestines out. Like I said these could be children just as easily as if they were cats. We responded to these dogs before and assisted them in putting theses dogs up."

    . . .

  • Violia

    our city has taken the dog owners side and now requires cats to be on a leash. ( picture that). I have the same problem, Pitt bull owners on street and the animal control does very little. The neighborhood watch group has a web site so if we have the pesky problems with neighbors we can post there. It can help if the entire neighborhood knows you let your dogs out at dusk to run loose. ( public shunning)
    The current animal control is very sensitive to dog owners and views cats just as vicious. I know cats have claws but I have never seen a domestic cat chase the mailman or a child down the street or attack unless someone was attacking it.

    You'll have to protect yourself and your grandchild if the local animal control won't help you. I would certainly not advise someone to break the law b/c it is a crime to kill almost any animal ( you can trap them however) . That does not mean folks don't do whatever is necessary, ,just saying...

  • Rocky_Girl

    You can spray it with wasp spray. It sprays farther and straighter than pepper spray, but is just as irritating. You could probably succeed in training the dog to stay away from your property that way. I would also call animal control every time you see the dog loose. Don't kill it, though, unless it charges and you have to.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I understand the dog lovers who plead not to kill the dog. Afterall, it hasn't attacked anyone yet. The problem with pits is that they often do so, without provocation, when they are on the loose [as attested by some of the posts above].

    Please don't misunderstand me or the situation here. I am a dog lover. Always have been. Soft hearted. But, and this is the real crux of the problem, loose dogs, when startled, can become vicious killers in a moment. I cannot watch my 7 year old grandson every moment. If this dog gets loose it could endanger him or my granddaughter. [Fencing the yard would not be the answer, either physically or philosophically IMO]. My grandchildren are 12 and 7, and they are not going to be required to stay in a small fenced yard, of course. They are old enough to have outgrown that sort of thing. They have other friends in the neighborhood too - and the safety of those children [aged from 6 to 15] is also of concern.

    I cannot take the sentimental position that the time for action is after someone is hurt or killed. I called the sheriffs office - they are sooooo interested apparently, that they didn't even bother to send an officer out to take a report. In our district, animal control is the sheriffs office. If they don't respond, there is no other authority figure to call. I live in the country, in an enclave sort of community. So it is not a farm, but it is not city. There are probably around 15 kids in the area, all of whom are in and out of my yard and the neighboring yards every day. So a dog on the run is/can be dangerous. Especially a breed that has been bred for the purpose of fighting/killing, even if the individual dog has not been so taught.

    I will monitor the situation over the next few days. But if it seems like it might be a problem, I cannot take the bleeding heart tactics suggested. The life of these children is far too important.


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