2011 District Convention "Let Us Be Bored and Confused Into Obedience"

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  • ranmac

    This has already been discussed but I need to vent.

    I just spent the most painful weekend of my life sitting thru this years DC. What an unbelievably pointless, soulless and demeaning spectacle the assemblies are. The three days were a blur of monotanous droning and brainwashing. Is it bad that I took unprescribed painkillers to bear thru it?

    Did anyone else enjoy the muddled and vague symposium on the covenants? In the final talk of the first morning the speaker refered to all other religions as the "Clergy." The "Clergy" this and the "Clergy" that and everything is pointless except our preaching work. He actually said that helping the poor, and building hospitals and schools is "worshiping society."

    Saturday was a blur as well. After about two minutes of the talk on "leaven" my mind was as numb as my ass, I had to leave. Then there was the family drama. Sweet Jesus it was like a bad Christian sitcom. Who can relate to that shit?

    I skipped the Sunday morning but came in time to see the titillating drama about the dangers of Bible time and modern time seductress sluts. Then like last year they ended the whole debacle with a new understanding of bible prophecy, vague enough not be held accountable for it failing like all the others.

    I also enjoyed the recurring theme of how everything we do must be centered around the Kingdom. I found it especially desperate this year. What an unbelievably controlling religion. It makes me depressed to see alot of people I love sitting there lapping it all up without even considering questioning a thing. FFFFFF**********######KKKKKK!!!!!!!

  • godrulz

    I have never been a JW and heard GB Gerrit Losch give a poor lecture (a verse about the Satanic Antichrist in Rev. 6 was applied to Jesus?!) on the last day. It was hard to not cry, roll my eyes, shake my head. I loved the people, but hated the deception. JWs have amazing endurance, if nothing else (but what is the point if they are not truly blessed, ministered to, etc.).

    The vilification of 'clergy' is demonically inspired (except some liberal, nominal, corrupt clergy deserve the abuse) as is attack on many godly churches in the land that are a threat to WT. The only way JWs will see the kingdom is if they are born again (unless anybody...NWT). The only way to be BA is to receive Jesus as God, Lord, Savior. The only way JWs will survive Armageddon is if they renounce WT and receive the biblical Jesus. If they do it before the rapture, they will join the saints in heaven. If the rapture clues them in that they were in the wrong religion, then they will get their wish to be on earth if they survive Armageddon (if they are martyred, they will have a heavenly hope like the majority of believers through the ages).

    The only consolation was that I got a few trophy books/booklets/DVD to whet my academic interest in all things JW. I also impacted the spiritual realm by praying at and during the assembly (last year I shared the gospel with a group of first aid workers over lunch hour, one of which is a co-worker).

    I could barely stand hearing 'the outline says, the WT says...' instead of the Bible says (when the Bible was quoted, it was prooftexting out of context...and this is the GB who controls millions of lives with Pharisaical policies and unbiblical beliefs?!). I am not impressed! I was in jeans and sneakers. Out of 9000 people, one tried to smile and say hello. One attendant kicked me out of the closed section and another refused me the DVD (but a nicer guy gave me one on the way out). There were some very attractive people, but also a lot of fat slobs.

    I was in jeans and sneakers. One attendant kicked me out of the closed section..GodRulz


    You would have stuck out like a sore thumb..

    Security would have been all over you when you walked in the door..

    You would Never make it to an Unauthorized Area..

    another refused me the DVD.....GodRulz


    mutley-ani1.gif image by GeneralWaco...OUTLAW

  • sabastious

    Sounds like the next time it comes around you'll have a thought out excuse from almost a year eariler ;)


  • Iamallcool

    Outlaw, I have seen attendants refusing to give new releases to "worldly" people. You have been out for years. Why did you say Bullshit? Why are you doubting his story about him wearing jeans/sneakers and he sit somewhere else then they asked him to leave that closed section?


    Do you really believe the way GodRulz was dressed..He would be able to walk around freely..

    No way..

    He would have gotten an instant Security Escort to a seat..Then he would have been Watched..

    If one part of the story is BS do you believe the rest?..


  • Iamallcool

    I do not know and I was not there, but when I was active JW, I invited a married couple to come to the assembly. They were wearing plain clothes.

  • Iamallcool

    Outlaw, you might be right after all.

  • godrulz

    Outlaw: Are you calling me a liar? When I went last year, I also wore jeans and sneakers and walked around. When I ran into a co-worker, I was taken to a back room where the first aid people hung out for lunch. I then walked around the perimeter of the assembly (inside) without issue. I left before the afternoon session. Years ago, I was escorted out by the KGB because I talked to someone using the KIT on a stairwell. I was not impressed and rebuked them for their fear, lack of love, and heavy handedness.

    This year I went in jeans, sneakers, casual shirt so it did not look like I was going undercover pretending to be a JW. I wanted them to know I was a guest, not an apostate spy or something. It was lunch hour with the foyer very crowded. I walked around the entire arena a good number of times looking for someone I might know and praying for the people and against the demonic oppression/deception. I saw a former co-worker and approached him and asked if he had ever been DF (he was a rotten JW, but now putting on the show; he was not DF, but should be). I also saw a guy who did not like me from the lunch meeting (could not answer my questions and I shared the true gospel with him). He had a two-way radio. He said hi back and kept walking. At first, I thought someone with a radio was going to follow me, but did not seem to do so (I went to washroom). I did not engage anyone and was behaved. Only one lady tried to say hi as I walked around. I asked for a book/booklet at the table and was given the new booklet (cartoonish) and the questions young people ask book. I was appreciative. I decided to stay for the afternoon. I did not want to get stuck in the middle of a row in case I wanted to leave. I asked a guy if I could sit behind a row just above in a closed section (not forbidden secret zone, just roped off to keep people lower down). He said he was not an attendant, but said to go ahead. 30 minutes later, an attendant saw me reading the literature and my KIT. He waved me down and asked me to move (I thought I was getting the boot). I said I could stand outside the seating area, but he was able to find me an empty seat close by near an obese guy and older couple. I continued to read my literature and listen to the lecture. I declined the song book offered by the fat guy. I can tell you details about the meeting if you insist I am lying.

    On the way out, I told a guy I was not a JW, but asked if I could have the history DVD part 2. He asked a superior and I was told no. I continued walking and another guy started to hand me one near another exit. I said I was not a JW and he said that was fine. I thanked him, smiled, and left the building. Out of 9000 people, only 1 or 2 said hi and no one tried to engage me as a prospective convert (I was a sitting duck and found this really odd). I was one of the few there not dressed formally and without a name tag. The meeting confirmed that JWs do not have the truth (the biblical interpretation from GB Losch was terrible) and increased my burden for these precious people.

    If you are so wrong about me and my experience, what else are you wrong about, outlaw? Perhaps you should think before you speak. The unauthorized area was not secret, just closed off to keep kids out/safe and make it look fuller lower down.

  • Alfred

    Ranmac... I didn't go to the DC this summer (or the 2010 DC either)... Could you elaborate on what they said about the "clergy" helping the poor, building hospitals, etc.? Did they explain why these things amount to worship of society? I'm just curious to know what twisted reasoning they're using lately... Thanks...

  • Mary
    The three days were a blur of monotanous droning and brainwashing. Is it bad that I took unprescribed painkillers to bear thru it?

    Absolutely not. If you're taking percocet though, might I recommend that you take a couple of swigs of red wine along with it? From past experience, you'll feel like John did on the Isle of Patmos and it'll make the ASSembly more endurable.

    He actually said that helping the poor, and building hospitals and schools is "worshiping society."

    Nothing surprises me anymore with regards to the shit these idiots spew at the assemblies anymore. While the average Dub will just lap it up in their zombified state, the powers that be seem to forget that there are probably some newbies there for the first time and to hear charity work (that Jesus encouraged his followers to practice) being referred to as 'society worship', just might be enough to ensure these newbies never return. I remember several years ago at the Circuit assembly, and the moron on the platform made a nasty and derogatory comment about someone who left their money to the Humane Society instead of the Borg. There were a couple of 'worldly' people sitting in front of me who were shocked and obviously disgusted with the comment as I heard them say something and then they got up and walked out.

    I'm still thinking of hitting one day with a tape recorder.........not sure if I could handle the entire day without being stoned and/or bombed out of my mind.....

  • DesirousOfChange

    ranmac said: I just spent the most painful weekend of my life sitting thru this years DC. What an unbelievably pointless, soulless and demeaning spectacle the assemblies are. The three days were a blur of monotanous droning and brainwashing. Is it bad that I took unprescribed painkillers to bear thru it?

    Yet, did you (not specifically you, ranmac, but ALL YOU FOLKS ON THIS BOARD), did you used to go away from the convention smiling from ear to ear saying or at least agreeing with "Wow! Wasn't that wonderful! Wasn't that the best convention yet!

  • Knowsnothing

    This is my first year not going. It's simple. You don't have to whine anymore. Just don't go!


  • WTWizard

    You seen 'em one, you seen 'em all. They never come up with anything substantially different than the ones before--just adaptations of old problems to new situations. You might get new littera-trash, but it all follows the same story line of Adam disobeying and us needing to waste our whole lives emulating the sacrifice Jesus supposedly made to "fix" that issue. They are all wasteful once you been to one.

    I can think of many other things you could do with your time that are far more entertaining. For one, you could get that badly needed root canal. It would probably hurt less, and you get something done that will eventually need doing anyways. You could fill out your taxes if you are in a country when taxes are due past April (that will not work if your taxes are due in April). You could get paperwork in order to make next year's taxes easier. You could go to regular work (you will at least earn some "money", which you could use on paying bills or stocking up on necessities while they are relatively affordable). You could run your 50,000 maintenance programs to rid your computer of viruses, spyware, registry errors, driver errors, and the like. Or, you could get your home or apartment a good cleaning that you have been putting off (again, probably less dreary than sitting through another Grand Boasting Session).

  • oppostate

    Go drulz wrote: " There were some very attractive people, but also a lot of fat slobs"

    Dear fellow, your Christian conscience doesn't prevent you from being judgemental of people based on their outward characteristics and body shape? I think the dear bro who you consider "obese" and call a "fat guy" and was nice enough to want to share a songbook with you would probably feel hurt at your lack of tact and Christian love.

    I'd pray for forgiveness if I were you and make sure I'd try to see beyond the attractiveness of the flesh to the inner person of the heart, based on the spiritual body not the carnal appearance.

    BTW you really didn't notice several bro's, especially the one with a walkie talkie, that you seemed to meet up with you wherever you went in the arena? Well, most JWs probably sized you up and didn't want to get into an argument with you, you swaggered in there with the purpose of looking for a spiritual word fight, no wonder only a couple of people even acknowledged you.

    Just sayin'


  • NomadSoul

    I haven't been to one in so many years. Sometimes when I'm bored on Sunday I feel like going over there for just to see what's going on. But then I feel like a walk in the park it's much more fun.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    so glad I was a no show! Hats off to all those that had to go! Whats on the DVD?

  • watson

    Thanks goes to gubberningbody.

  • GOrwell

    2x thanks to gubber - dammmmmmn


    Outlaw: Are you calling me a liar?.....GodRulz


    ..................... ...OUTLAW

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