2011 District Convention "Let Us Be Bored and Confused Into Obedience"

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  • RagingBull

    @Outlaw, Godrulz may be right tho. At my conventions (for the past 3 yrs) there's been plenty of people (outsiders of course) wearing Jeans, or shorts to the convention. Maybe its all they have. I've also seen young guys (who's parents are JWs at least) that aren't baptized walking around with suits, but have sneakers on their feet...in a ghetto fabulous kind of way. LOL (I'm 1/2 black, 1/2 white before anyone asks.)

    The Convention was boring, but this year had plenty of Apostate bashing. Pretty much telling everyone that you're dumb if you even question the "WORD OF GOD" and "GOD'S INSTRUCTIONS AS PASSED DOWN THRU THE FAITHFUL AND DISCREET SLAVE" Guess people will second guess going to those "apostate" sites. FUNNY HOW so few wonder "Why are they so scared of these Apostates?"



    People come to assemblys Improperly dressed..But..

    If you don`t look right at an assembly..You`ll have Security on your Ass in a HeartBeat..

    You won`t get rid of them until you leave..

    Regular R/F JW`s are hounded if they don`t have a seat..

    I`m expected to believe a Lone,Unescorted, Improperly Dressed Outsider,gets a"PASS" to do whatever he wants?..

    It`s not going to happen..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • godrulz

    If I was engaging people, they would probably have taken notice. Most people did not give me eye contact or were in their little clique. You would think someone would have tried to find out why I was there and if I was a potential convert or an opposer, etc. If they have the truth, they should not be afraid to feel me out and possibly book a study later (I did not want to disrupt their special convention time). I am always more willing to study until Armageddon (though I won't be here) than a JW who generally runs in fear (with lies that they will be back with answers but never return) when they cannot answer or their worldview becomes threatened with facts about WT. I imagine many are just putting in time and really don't have the love and perseverance to work with a harder target (though I also don't waste time on an argumentative person who is unreasonable; I am reasonable in that I ask a good question, give supportive evidence, and then wait with no response offered because they can't).

    I take back the comment about fat people (I am overweight myself). I do look at the heart and would reach out to all people regardless of outward appearance. I actually had most compassion for the wheel chair people or more unclean ones with cheaper clothes (perhaps not JWs).

    Outlaw, should you not apologize for calling me a liar? What is so hard to believe about one guy not giving me a DVD (he almost did until he asked an older person) and another one giving me one (because he made an independent decision)?

    Outlaw, should you not apologize for calling me a liar....GodRulz

    It`s not Rocket Science to catch you in a Lie..This is what you posted yesterday..

    I have not shared Pentecostal distinctives. My message has been Jesus, not Pentecostalism.....GodRulz

    This is what you posted 4 days ago..

    There is a broad spectrum of Pentecostal-charismatic beliefs and practices that cannot be stereotyped.
    Conservative, biblical, classical Pentecostals also stand against the lunatic fringe of charismania and reject unbiblical beliefs and practices.
    It is easy to make a straw man of the extreme, but ignore the balanced, biblical version. Some of these former Pent. are apostates who have
    thrown God/baby out with the bathwater. Paul encouraged charismatic belief and practice, but he showed discernment and correction with the
    misuse or fleshly use of these things. He did not disparage the Holy Spirit given gifts, but taught on their proper use vs misuse.
    Cessationists or anti-charismatics are unbiblical, but criticizing the human element gone amok is something most Pentecostals worth their salt would
    also do (but not in such a reactionary, unbiblical way to swing the pendulum to the other extreme)......GodRulz

    Your an easily Proven Liar..

    You should apologize for expecting people to be as Unbelievably Stupid as you are..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • godrulz

    Is this reasonable, outlet? On a topic about Pentecostalism, I certainly did share my view on it and defended my beliefs and practices. On another thread about cookies, I may have made a comment about cookies. On another one about baseball, I might say something about baseball. In context (you seem to have left over prooftexting out of context issues from WT days), my PRIMARY message has been calling people to Christ, NOT to join my church and NOT how to speak in tongues, etc. I have not told people to become Pentecostal. I have told them to become Christian. If this forum would allow editing, I would go back and add more clarification for people like you with a nit picking agenda. The mature thing to do is ask for clarification, not try to make a straw man trap and ad hominem argument like Pharisees who could not stand up to Christ's integrity and wisdom.

    This was not the issue I seek apology for. You implied that I lied about the DVD refusal/offer, going to convention in jeans and having no one talk to me, etc. I have not lied about anything, but you are reading my posts like infallible Scripture. Most reasonable people would not make stupid accusations like you are. BTW, how old are you? 20? I am a fair, reasonable person. You are anything but...if I word a post imperfectly (subject to your bias and subjective interpretation) when I am tired, hasty, etc., why nail me to a wall? I am particular about spelling even, but again, I can't edit nor could I be bothered to proof read all my posts for egg shell people like you.

    No offense, no defense.

  • EntirelyPossible

    I would go back and add more clarification for people like you with a nit picking agenda.

    It's always nitpicking when you get caught being inconsistent, like support sex with 12 year old girls and then denying it. Oh if only we would shut up and just agree with you!

  • godrulz

    I will correct something that I am wrong or unclear about. It is news to me that Mary was 12 when she was pregnant. The Bible does not say this, so give me some concrete evidence. As someone who has relatives that have been sexually abused, I have stood to have the legal age raised from 14 to 16 (completed, but still short of what is right). I do not support sex with 12 year old girls and have said that Muhammad was a pedophile, as was Joseph Smith, etc. Outlaw is not being reasonable. Just because I commented about the weather on one thread does not mean my message has not been about Christ primarily. I have not told anyone to join the Pentecostal church, but I have made comments in the face of personal attack on this issue. Outlaw is distorting things and should be taken to task, not me (just like he said I lied about the DVD at Convention and had to be corrected by other ex-JWs of the plausibility of my story).

    I am not the issue. Deal with my content and Christ instead of character assassination without basis.

  • NewChapter

    There were some very attractive people, but also a lot of fat slobs

    Nice godrulz. I'm glad your Jesus taught you to judge on appearance. Now are you sure they were FAT and SLOBS? Or was that just a guess. For instance, did you witness fat people that left messes behind---or perhaps their clothes were spattered with food. How did you conclude they were actually slobs as opposed to simply fat? Did you see any THIN slobs? How about ATTRACTIVE slobs. Did you simply assume that a thin, attractive person was NOT a slob?

    So what is Jesus' stand on fat slobs? Do fat slobs go to a stricter level of hell? Do thin slobs get tortured less? Do all fat slobs go to hell, or do some get to go to Heaven---just not the best levels?

    It is so very spiritual of you to notice the attractive ones and the fat slobs. Clearly the holy spirit is with you. I suppose this makes JW's unique from any other crowd of people. I KNOW your only interest is spiritual---you are COMPLETELY motivated by love---so I must assume that your critique of appearances has a spiritual purpose.

    Hey I can dig it. Heaven is full of thin and attractive people. At least the better neighborhoods are.

    You disgust me beyond belief. Why don't you go hang out with your own fat slobs. You are the most insincere hypocritical person I have ever dealt with. Go worship your skinny god and lay off the heathens.



  • godrulz

    I retracted my fat slob label and admitted I am overweight, but not morbidly obese. My mother was also significantly overweight until she shrank from cancer. Why don't you quote my correction where I apologized and emphasized the heart issues, not externals? Gluttony is a sin, but so is gossip. Don't confuse my observation (which does not have to be pejorative, just fact) with what Jesus does or does not do.

  • NewChapter

    I didn't see your retraction and I don't care. You spoke from your heart the first time. I was just looking at pictures of fat Pentecostals.

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