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  • ziddina

    Hi, Party Delights! Welcome on-board!!

    About your technical questions - I'm no 'tecchie' but I'll give them a 'go'.

    Spelling? My keyboard sticks and I occasionally miss a letter. I would recommend typing out your comments in "Word", spell-checking them there, and then posting here, using the "Paste as Plain Text" button - that's the fourth button from the left, center row of buttons on the gray toolbar above the 'post' box...

    That also works especially well for posting a quote - then using the "quote" function. Sometimes the "quote" function makes the lines of text overlap, otherwise...

    Changing your avatar picture - I'll need to come back and edit this post when I've found the thread that Simon [board administrator] posted on that function - I'll post a link to his thread...

    Be right back!

    Zid the She-Devil

    Edited... Here's the link to that thread. This should give you the instructions - and a link - to change your avatar - actually called a "Gravatar" - picture...

  • skeeter1

    Welcome. I welcome you to your spiritual journey. I say "your" becuase you get to decide it, through alot of thinking and research on your own.

    But, take it slow. The End of the World isn't likely coming tomorrow. You've been through a lot. Time to breathe. These changes are alot, even if you are welcoming the changes. Your life is going through a complete, dynamic shift.

    Nice to have you.


  • moshe
    who assured me he was "representing the Faithful and Discreet slave

    that's a riot- seeing as how the WT doesn't even attach the personal name of any JW to the F&DS class, so how could the DO represent a group that is nameless and faceless? The whole F&DS teaching falls into something that is better described as "folklore", just like the leprechauns. Of course the JWs are the fools, for the GB can't be part of the F&DS for they are neither disecreet nor wise, are they?

  • factfinder

    @partydelights- Welcome!

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  • sizemik

    Hi partydelights and welcome . . .

    From NZ . . . got out about 6 years ago with family intact also (3 teenage sons) . . . along with about 5 other families . . . it was a coup! Wifey took some convincing and kept going along with the kid's for a while . . . I never objected. We always trusted each other so it was just a matter of a few months. Other families leaving made it a whole lot easier.

    I was "all out" also . . . reg pioneer, MS and Elder briefly. Also went through the BS / Hypocrisy / Political arseholes thing . . . agree with Jgnat . . . the Elder arrangement is a travesty of what it's supposed to achieve . . . brings the worst out of many men who were never made to carry authority.

    It's great to have you here.

  • truthsetsonefree

    Welcome Party Delights. I'm starting to post here again after a bit of a hiatus. My bio tells my story. I look forward to chatting here on line with you.


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  • snowbird


    I share your sentiments about serving Jesus Christ and Him alone.

    A person does not need an organization in order to do that.



  • still thinking
    still thinking

    partydelights Welcome!!! lovely to have another new person here. Thanks for sharing your story...look forward to hearing more from you.

    congrats on the new addition too....

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