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    Sometimes the things they talk about are so unrealistic. This person had everyone list occupations/industries that would cease to exist in the paradise. It's interesting how they think that everyone is going to turn into a carpenter, builder, farmer, etc. I'm trying to get them to do some critical thinking. I said I didn't want to farm, that I liked getting my food from the market. The one "sister" basically told me I'd get used to it, I have all of eternity to!

    Aris Greek Jw Just for fun, I would invite anyone to post here, one or more occupations/business types that would cease to exist in the new system

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      • I`ll start with the easy ones, doctors and mortician June 24 at 5:51am · Like · 1 person
      • Andranik Movsisyan Police and Fire Service June 24 at 6:28am · Like · 1 person
      • Barryna Nahu Optomitrists and dentists June 24 at 6:43am · Like · 1 person
      • Margarida Azevedo Veloz Accountants--I'll be freeeee June 24 at 7:02am · Like · 1 person
      • Aris Greek Jw I`d chip in with : coffin makers, syringe manufacturers, wheel chair makers. Try to be more specific, its more fun that way. June 24 at 7:03am · Like
      • Andranik Movsisyan Special shoes for those who have flat feet :D June 24 at 7:31am · Like
      • Tracey Clarke Prosthetic limbs for those who haven't got arms or legs June 24 at 7:35am · Like · 1 person
      • Aris Greek Jw The following industries will vanish all together: tabacco, porn, drugs (legal and illegal), arms and human trafficking. Give more and you may be more specific if you`d like. June 24 at 7:36am · Like
      • Andranik Movsisyan Pharmacological factories, armories, shops for fishing, June 24 at 7:39am · Like · 1 person
      • Aris Greek Jw Pesticide industries and the Genetic Modified Food instustry.
        Idol manufactures (along with their users of course) - of course they`d be gone prbably before the new system anyway.
        Junk food companies... June 24 at 7:42am · Like
      • Andranik Movsisyan Items blood June 24 at 7:43am · Like · 1 person
      • Aris Greek Jw I would invite anyone to post here, one or more occupations/business types that would cease to exist in the new system. Not specific items or objects alone. June 24 at 7:44am · Like
      • Aris Greek Jw I will proced and add:
        whale hunters
        prison guards and all incarseration/rehabilitati on relevant occupations
        crime scene investigators
        politicians/military personel June 24 at 10:06am · Like
      • Aris Greek Jw All of them out! June 24 at 10:06am · Like · 1 person
      • Nancy Lynn Doctors Lawyers & Indian Chiefs...ha ha June 24 at 11:04am · Like
      • Tracey Clarke Midwifes........I'm wanting to just slap my thigh and it just plops out (pain-free) lol June 24 at 11:18am · Like · 1 person
      • Jasmine Henderson Avon consultants. :P Government workers, social workers, garbage men. June 24 at 11:54am · Like
      • Kathie Brandon Presidents, world rulers, Red Cross, FEMA... June 24 at 11:54am · Like · 2 people
      • Aris Greek Jw maybe garbage collecting and disposing services will be available. June 24 at 3:29pm · Like
      • Louise Tonks Medical secretaries like me! June 24 at 3:34pm · Like · 1 person
      • Aris Greek Jw caretakers
        international commodity brokers
        bankers and finance people
        coin mills
        gambling industry June 24 at 5:09pm · Like
      • Joe Wright Were all just going to be farmers and teachers by the looks! June 24 at 5:48pm · Like · 1 person
      • Aris Greek Jw mechanics and builders as well among other things June 24 at 7:11pm · Like
      • Aris Greek Jw Evolutionary Biologists, top (or not) models, flamboyant fashion designers, philosophers, sociologists, assassins/hit men, attorneys, public prosecutors, software hackers/crackers.
        All out! June 25 at 12:28pm · Like
      • Jasmine Henderson I cant believe military hasnt been said, yet. Security guards. Making baby formulas. Animal control. :) June 25 at 12:37pm · Like · 2 people
      • Jasmine Henderson Oh! Sign spinners we see on the streets, spinning advertisements. Lab testing on animals. Did we say president/lking? Definitely out, too. June 25 at 12:41pm · Like · 1 person
      • Tracey Clarke Life insurance salesperson June 25 at 3:16pm · Like · 3 people
      • Aris Greek Jw Military and politicians has been mentioned ;) June 25 at 4:09pm · Like
      • Marshelle Tucker-Coleman Translators, we all will speak one language. June 25 at 7:09pm · Like · 4 people
      • Aris Greek Jw church bell manufacturers
        show biz personas June 25 at 7:14pm · Like · 1 person
      • Aris Greek Jw pharmacists,
        wild animal hunters/collectors/stuffin g
        war ship wharves personnel
        UN and subsidiaries employees of any kind
        drug plants farmers
        ... See More June 26 at 11:28am · Like · 1 person
      • Jasmine Henderson cashiers,
        slave labor (making/doing things for $1 a day),
        therapists. June 26 at 1:39pm · Like
      • Jasmine Henderson Scientists looking for a cure - for cancer, aids, alzheimers, parkinsons, etc. :) June 26 at 2:08pm · Like
      • Enrique Camacho Basically, the entire economical/financial/merca ntile industry will be gone. Absolutely nothing will be for sale anymore. The entire Justice System will be gone. No need to uphold laws on a small scale and large scale such as countries. ... See More June 26 at 5:40pm · Like · 2 people
      • Aris Greek Jw that is true indeed. This actually sums it up pretty nicely, although I`d like to see specifics on businesses/occupations that will cease. Just for the fun of it. June 28 at 5:47am · Like
      • Rachel Lein I think pretty much all the jobs we have now would be gone. I get the feeling that it'll be more of a trade system, if there's any kind of "exchange" going on at all. Otherwise, it'll be our brothers and sisters giving what is needed to their fellow sisters and brothers. We all have different talents, so we can all benefit from each other. June 28 at 1:29pm · Like
      • Aris Greek Jw Do not forget that the earth will give in abundance, in contrast with what happens today. Also with our enhanced talents we`ll be able to produce much more than needed, as is stated in the Bible that there will be abundance of grain on the top of the mountains. Trade as we know it, products in exchange for currency will be most certainly be gone since, it is one of the components of this wicked system of things. June 28 at 2:11pm · Like
      • George Barrett Tagging artists,tagging removal services,tattoo salons,food preservative makers,artificial food dyes manufacturers,weedspray and herbicide manufacturers and distributors. June 28 at 2:18pm · Like · 1 person
      • Aris Greek Jw Well said George Barrett and everyone that contributed to this interesting thread! That you all! ;) June 28 at 2:20pm · Like
      • Jenn Colon Pearson Personal trainers and gyms!! Woo hoo, can't wait for that. ;) Friday at 6:44am · Like · 1 person
      • Jada Buchanon Why won't there be personal trainers and gyms? People will still need to exercise. Yesterday at 2:47pm · Like
      • Enrique Camacho Staying in shape is for imperfect people. 21 hours ago · Like · 2 people
      • Jenn Colon Pearson ‎@Jada: I figure because the food will be pure and free from preservatives and pesticides. We will go back to growing and consuming our own food. The extra manual labor will keep us fit. :) 21 hours ago · Like · 1 person
      • Teresa Cochrun There will be no more furriers or leatherworkers, we live in harmony with the animals (Isaiah 11:6-8). No loggers or land developers, we build our own homes (Isaiah 65:21-22). 19 hours ago · Like
      • Jada Buchanon What happens if you don't fancy being a farmer, or a builder? Paradise for me means not having to do a lot of hard physical labor. I'm not going to want to plant crops. I like to be able to go to the grocery store to get my bread already made. I don't want to have to slaughter a hog every time I want bacon. 52 minutes ago · Like
      • Tracey Clarke Eventually we'll all be Vegetarians in the new system so we won't be eating meat :) just growing our own fruit and veg :) 48 minutes ago · Like
      • Jada Buchanon Tracey, where did you hear that? 46 minutes ago · Like
      • Tracey Clarke That's how it was in the beginning with adam and eve they only had fruit and veg and they only started eating meat when Noah came out of the ark...........So it sounds to sense that when everything is sorted out in the new system and back to how it should have been in the beginning we wouldn't want or need to eat meat.....besides all the animals would be our friends and wouldn't be frightened of us any more. 37 minutes ago · Like
      • Jada Buchanon I don't know. By that logic, we won't have any modern conveniences since they weren't present in Eden either. So you've gotta become a farmer, build your own house, make everything from scratch, not eat animals, for an eternity? Yikes! 11 minutes ago · Like
      • Tracey Clarke I'm looking forward to it, we have solar power and wind power so we'll have a small amount of electric for lights and things like that, it's going to be wonderful not having to worry about anything every again Jada......You'll get used to it LOL you'll have all eternity :)
  • MrFreeze

    You should edit out the names.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Uh-oh, now I know you are my friend on FB!

    Yeah, I'd do a major editing of names here.

  • serenitynow!

    You know what, I considered removing the names, but ultimately decided against it. They put their own names on the internet. The fact is, you put something on the net, especially a public forum, it can end up anywhere. Goes with the territory!

    White Dove, that is awesome! PM me, tell me who you are.

  • jwfacts

    So many crazy comments. No fitness instructors as "exercising is for imperfect people."

    Midwifes........I'm wanting to just slap my thigh and it just plops out

    Sorry, but there won't be any babies, where do you think they will all fit if there isn't any death.

  • serenitynow!

    Jwfacts, I was thinking that guy may have been sarcastic about the exercise. At least, I hope he was. Also I think I should tell them that some pharmaceuticals will still need to be made. We will need birth control pills more than ever. Everyone will be all perfect (super fertile), young and hot! We are going to need spermacide or something!

    I don't know why I'm saying "we" I have no intention of being there!

  • VampireDCLXV

    Serenity, why do you and others even bother with this? Nobody is listening and you know it! As the old saying goes: there's no reasoning with crazy...


  • serenitynow!

    Vamp, I don't know. Sometimes it's fun. And I do feel sorry for so many of them.

  • Honesty

    You can't fix STUPID.

    Don't feed them.

    Don't poke sticks through the bars at them.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    We will go back to growing and consuming our own food.

    If it was important to them, they could be doing that now. Even the US Bethel is doing almost no farming and buy everything from "the world" in bulk. JWs are completely unprepared to feed themselves. JWs could be vegan now, but how many of them are? They could trade with other JWs and not use money now, but they don't. How about if she stuffs some vegetables into the contribution box at the DC? How many JWs have the skills to build their own houses? Even those that have skill won't have Home Depot to run to and get supplies. And they better get rid of us Engineers. No fuel, no cars, no tractors, no power tools, no electric power plants. I hope they enjoy using outhouses. I suppose if they're perfect their poop will smell like roses. Wait, didn't an old Watchtower declare that perfect people wouldn't poop? I guess their butts will just become another bellybutton.

    I hate to break it to them, but they're all going to be slave laborers as long as they're in Watchtower. Pioneers and publishers get paid $0, and you better deduct the cost of gas. So that's worse than slave labor.

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