Elders came to visit...

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  • Bella15

    LOL - my mother told me that the WATCHTOWER CORP was HACKED a while ago and that's why we find contradictory info now in their literature.

    I AM SERIOUS people, I almost fainted ... this corporation is truly EVIL - they are spreading these lies among their followers.

  • ziddina

    ^ (What Bella said...)

    Well - day-yammm...

    That's what comes of the Watchtower Society's disdain for people with technical degrees in computer programming and security...

  • skeeter1

    The day you find out the "Truth" was a "Lie" is a pinnacle day. The rug has been pulled from under your feet.

    Ever see the movie, "The Truman Show"? Please watch it with your brother and mother.


  • moshe
    then you take control, and insist that you will only speak to ONE of them

    good advice, Jim.

    A year from know, you will be trying justify believing in Theism.

  • Velour

    You don't owe them a damned thing. In reality, who are they but a bunch of men who agree to poke their noses into business that isn't their own with no authority?

    They've had this kind of conversation over and over again. They're trained and well practiced at wearing down a doubter and tugging at emotional stings at each and every meeting they have with the person. On top of that, you've had the indoctrination engrained in you for a long time so they'll know what loaded words and scriptures dredge up to make you feel terrible. You have their literature and you have outside information. Bid them ado, you have what you need already.

  • pubtruth

    I shall look into that movie, skeeter1

    I dont feel like talking to anyone anymore, but if I feel so inclined, I will do just that, speak to ONLY ONE elder. I was called a few hours ago by one of the elders who visited, I didnt answer, he rang again, did the same. I checked the voicemail and he "wanted to ask a question" I poured my thoughts onto a 4 page letter, which goes from when i first gleam of doubt when i saw how my mother was being treated when she was DF'd for smoking. all the way down to my research, down to no longer desiring to be a publisher, no more contact unless it's completely unrelated to religion. I'm keeping the letter for sometime to prevent it from being an thing of impulse, made a copy, and sealed the original in an envelope. I'm probably never going to share it, but I feel better already just writing my angst down. I researched the JWs up and down, I've been undercover for years, I've dealt with JC's w/ my mom, very nasty and untheocratic. They can't change my mind, the evidence is overwhelming.

    moshe: I feel on the outer flanks of agnosticism, im almost at atheism.

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    nugget wrote: You are an unbaptized publisher they have no power over you. you can't be shunned even if you decided to walk away. You have given them no authority over your life you can just walk away.

    Even though thats the case, the same as me, I am being somewhat shunned, but thats because the devil is in me (sarcasm)and I speak things they dont like to hear when asked... all in good intentions.

    And jw's speak things that the bible is silent, others misunderstood, a lot of them, 1914, Michael, World Powers, Blood, Birthdays, Field Ministry, heavenly hope and earthly hope, Porneia etc etc etc.... even the trinity that they gloss over.

    If you really want to know what new light is all about, read captives of a concept.

  • Jim_TX

    Regarding phone calls -

    Be very wary of answering phone calls from 'one' of them. They will usually have a second line - with the second elder listening in on that one. The reason is so that if you say something, then they have their 'two witnesses' that heard it.

    Of course, they will not let you know that the second 'elder' is listening in. You will have to bring it up, and they may try to deny it.

    I know it sounds like paranoia, but it's how they roll.

    To be honest, your best bet might be - the next time that they talk to you - tell them that you are prayerfully considering what to do next (or something like that - keep it generic). They cannot argue with 'prayer'. Of course, if they try to offer to 'help' you to pray, respectfully decline. You can do that on your own in private.


    Jim TX

  • partydelights

    Dear pubtruth,

    I think many here have expressed sufficiently on what you should or should not do.

    I can fully agreed on the following and I hope you can exploit it to a benefit: Help your mum (I believe she is still an active JW).

    1) Do not get baptized

    2) Do not get involved with the Elders anymore. “Shun” them like how they would you eventually. So if they are at the door, don’t answer. If they call, don’t answer. If they write, don’t reply. If you are easily “motivated” with words by them, don’t even read their letters.

    At the meantime, please do not think of becoming an atheist. This is precisely what WT paints everyone leaving to be – someone who had forsaken God. Yes, this is just another device of Satan. So please do not fall for it. Your eternal future means a lot to God.

    Try to read the Bible daily, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. Invite your mum to read with you without WT articles. Pray with her. Let her know you love her still. You just hate the diabolical WT. Invite her to know God better along side you.

    I think you have enough “WT Facts”. Why not try gaining Bible facts now? Go to Christian web sites that can increase your faith toward God. Sites I personally benefited from are www.GotQuestions.org and http://bible.org. Try visiting them and strengthen your spirituality. Invite your mum to join you. Otherwise, print out the materials you think she can benefit from.

    Leaving WT is not an easy task because of the mental symptom called “cognitive dissonance”. But with careful planning and efforts to lessen the shunning effects, both you and your mum can leave eventually. Don’t forget the power of prayers. It’s something many rely upon heavily during their final days in WT and afterward.

    May the peace of God be with you always. Amen.


  • skeeter1

    Perhaps you should start with whether or not you believe in the Bible, and in particular, Revelations, as the compete work of Jehovah and to be followed. That's something for you to independtly research over about a year, using non-JW sources. Look at sources criticizing the Bible and Revelations, as well as those that say it's authentic, compete work that is derived from a loving god. Until you decide whether or not the Bible is the complete word of a mono (or tri) theist god, it is of no use to continue with the Watch Tower's version. Look at the Bible's own contradictions, the books that were not included into the Bible, the purported authors, etc. I bid you best on your spiritual journey.

    Before you make Eggs Benedict, you go to figure out if you even like eggs. And, that's some deep thinking that will involve what you think. You may have to get out of your comfort zone. You may have to talk to other religions. But, beware, of anyone who is so sure of the unknown.


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