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    lol we should be so Lucky

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    *** g 1/07 p. 9 Will Science Cure the World? ***

    Alternative Forms of Medicine on the Rise

    There are a wide variety of healing methods that are not generally accepted by practitioners of conventional medicine. These are generally known as traditional medicine and alternative medicine. In developing countries the majority of the population rely on traditional medicine for their health needs. In poor areas many cannot afford conventional medical treatments, while other people simply prefer traditional methods.

    Alternative forms of medicine are also thriving in wealthy countries. Among the most popular types of alternative treatment are acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathy, and herbal medicine. Some of these practices have been scientifically studied and proved beneficial for certain conditions. The effectiveness of certain methods, however, has not been adequately established. The increased popularity of alternative types of medicine has raised some safety issues. In many countries such healing therapies are not regulated. This provides an environment where harmful self-medication, counterfeit products, and quackery can thrive. Although being well-intentioned, friends and relatives lacking sufficient training often become self-appointed practitioners. All of this has resulted in adverse reactions and other health hazards.

    In several countries where regulations are in place, alternative forms of therapies are gaining acceptance in the conventional medical community and are offered by medical doctors. Still, there seems to be no valid claim that these methods will ever bring about a world without sickness.

    *** g01 6/22 p. 30 From Our Readers ***

    Better Health As a doctor of chiropractic and a registered physical therapist, I have been in the health field for 21 years, providing assistance to thousands of patients. I am extremely concerned that many reading the cover series "Better Health—What Choices Are There?" (October 22, 2000) may hesitate to seek chiropractic care for fear of the potential dangers implied.

    A. K., United States

    You mention that a chiropractic adjustment to the neck might cause a patient to suffer a stroke. I have been a chiropractor for over 50 years, and I have never seen or heard of this reaction.

    B.D.B., United States

    It was not our intention to discourage readers from seeking chiropractic treatment if this is what they desire. "Awake!" reported: "Significantly, there is a low incidence of side effects with chiropractic manipulation by a skilled practitioner." At the same time, the "Archives of Internal Medicine," Volume 158, November 9, 1998, noted regarding such manipulation that "the rate of serious complications is still debatable" and that "estimates vary from 1 in 400,000 to between 3 and 6 per 10 million." We should have clarified that complications from chiropractic adjustments, which were said to include stroke, evidently are extremely rare.—ED.

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    I went to a Witness Chiropractor in my 20s, I had damaged a disc doing heavy lifting in construction, his treatments went so well I was paralyzed for a month........Note to self- don't twist and push on damaged discs (logic 101). I ended up at a Spinal Surgeon's clinic at Memorial Medical Center in Long Beach where they spent a year rehabing my back without surgery I might add and I was able to walk and live a normal life again.

    You can take chiropractic medicine and toss it in the trash can for all I care.

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    Dr. Springer, haven't heard that name in years. Many JWs from my area went to him and to another chiropractor, Dr Benesh. They would drive for hours to go see him. I remember going to see him for a while, nothing wrong with what he did as far as I could see - he preached raw food vegetarianism.

    Applied kinesiology is mostly a parlor trick. It is very subjective, and not at all an accurate way to diagnose anything, but it is a great way to sell supplements. I remember all the J-dubs in my area going in for it big time.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    DESIGNS - Whoa! That is pretty darn scary!

    When I was having my 'health issues' I went to a chiropractor who is pretty well regarded. Did it help me with my problem? No. The best I can figure is the bit of 'euphoria' I experienced was from the fact I actually survived the 'treatment.'

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    Found Sheep

    I think there may be "something" about kinesiology that can help in some instances. My EX in laws LIVED KINESIOLOGY!!! Every thing they did they would "test " first. My SIL is certified and holds classes. I'm into natural healing, herbs so don't get me wrong. These people are nuts!! My SIL decided to test me and said "there was a stone in the trunk of my car that was taking energy away from me." I was like WTF!!!! I never found a stone but....

    On the other hand I couldn't sleep one night and had a test the next day so asked my MIL if she had any herbs to help me sleep. She did the whole hold this on your belly button and pushed my arm up and down till she had the perfect combination. That was the best night of sleep I believe I ever had.

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    Could it possibly be that the belief system that allows for all of the gobbledegook the society feeds them also allows for a world where magnets, invisible fields, crystals and moving your arm up and down while asking silly questions enables belief in all of this crap?

    Yes, and more. Dubs around here in fundieland do not regard traditional medicine as equal to woo like the methods you listed; they consider it inferior. The wts spent decades bashing science and equivocating it with demons--in particular, medicine. There is a legacy of mistrust.

    If you actually didn't feel better after a "treatment", everyone was in the next room to feed into the placebo Effect by telling you how great it is.

    I didn't realize they banned it after I had left.

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    breakfast- There was a Sister in that Hall who was in a terrible car accident and had severe whiplash and went to a local brother who was a chiropractor, he messed her up so bad it should have been a malpractice case. Go to a descent Sports Medicine Dr. or Board Certified Physical Therapist, but the snap crackle and pop guys cause more damage than good.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    FOUND SHEEP - I think that the 'something' about kinesiology that helps is also known as the 'placebo effect' which is REAL! As far as the magnetic waves etc.... a bunch of crap.

    We have to remember, our human brains LOVE FINDING PATTERNS--- Daniel's prophecy=> day for a year=> 1914!; My SIL puts a crystal in my bellybutton and asks 'my body' questions=> good night's sleep=> oh gosh! A miracle cure!

    As far as natural healing goes, a good diet is about the best you can do for yourself.

    REBEL8 - BINGO! Hey, is that basilly[sic] giving us the finger?

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    Probably! This one was in the anti-aluminum era. wts publications kept claiming there was a conspiracy to poison people, and doctors were a part of it.

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