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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I am Ivy educated lawyer who resided in Manhattan for most of my life. New Age repels me. It is too glib for me. I see the attraction and find some strands enlightening but no New Age for me. I became near death with facial pain. The suicide rate is more than 95%.

    More than thirty surgeries on my jaw did not free me from pain. My oral surgeon visited NY and dragged me to Harlem, against all my better judgment. This Chinese doctor who was a surgeon at Columbia combined Western and EAstern. He had me hold certain substances and tested my strength, outlining my face in magic marker. I was too weak so my mom's arm was connected to my arm. When he finished, there was such an accurate map of my pain patterns. I did not tell even the oral surgeon so accurately. He tried qi gong but it did not help. Blood declotters did.

    The nerve pain caused severe TMJ. I saw Harold Gelb, one of the first dentists in the field. Harold used kinesiology to fix a dental appliance. I thought this was sheer lunacy, to run, and report him to the state and his hospital affiliations. It worked in making the appliance work. My own doctor told me in secret to see a chiropractor. Many doctors get so desperate themselves they seek aid. Not one of them believes in chiroptractor beliefs. There is contempt. It works in many cases when medicine can do nothing.

    I can't aritculate how all these New Age modalities are viewed with utter skepticism. Pain compelled me. I now know why Steve McQueen went to Mexico for laeterile. If anything else New Age modalities gave me transient hope when hope was needed more than health. Something is going on. Medicine is limited. The New Age jargon drives me crazy. I wish more Western doctors would investigate these fields. There has to be a scientific basis beyond what New Age articulates. My Chinese friend from Hong Kong told me no one Chinese does Chinese medicine except peasants. They love Western drugs.

    I also did Chinese herbs. My fear is that the pesticides on Chinese foods and herbs would kill me before the pain did. The Chinatown doctor told me that she could not help me. All she could was improve my immune system so that I could fare better. I stunk up my entire apt building. As long as they say they don't know, I am ready to give it a try. Today, I cannot believe I was so ill as to be desperate. Worry about suicide chronically and against your will, by reflexive impulse, and some of these ideas still sound wacky, probably are, but what the hell....

  • Terry

    There is a difference between Kinesiology and Applied Kinesiology.

    The difference is important.

    applied kinesiology
  • watersprout

    I don't know any dubbies who are into alternative medicine... It's regarded as demonic.

    There are many charlatons out there, you just have to find the right therapy/practitioner for you.


  • cofty

    All of those methods work with a body's energy in a way that Western medicine doesn't address.

    Don't you think if this "energy" exists it would be possible to measure it in a lab? Its a cause of national embarrassment that the British NHS funds a homeopathic hospital.

    I remember an elder friend of my dad was an "alternative" practioner in Edinburgh. If you sent him a drop of your blood dried onto a bit of paper along with a cheque he would post you back a report about all the things you were supposedly allergic to. Funny everybody turned out ot be allergic to the same things - I think dairy products were always top of the list.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    TERRY - at least around these parts, they refer to it as HK or 'Health Kinesiology' - not at all the type of Kinesiology you would study in college.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    This is my ex SIL's site she is way into it! The elders have talked to her but so far she hasn't crossed any sold JW rules! She is wacked!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    All right. I will bite, "What is the difference between kinesiology and applied kinesology?"

    I think much of this is a class difference. One thing I've noticed since leaving Manhattan into exile is the lack of mds here. There are enough mds in Manhattan and other glitzy cities to tip the earth over. My doctor went to the chiropractor on the sly. I can see mds wearing disguise. The stigma is awful. This is close to PA Dutch country. Chiropractors flourish. Wihtout insurance, they are prob. much more affordable and accessible. Many people here speak of western science and medicine with utter contempt. Nothing happened to them. It is a belief system. My belief system is just as biased in the other direction.

    Meds are so bad. Supplements are wonderful. I'm not talking nutrition but quasilegal supplements. In my desperation, I searched the Internet and could not believe the claims made on webpages. There is one thing to say some evidence suggests vs. a proven cure for diabetes. If it were a proven cure for cancer or diabetes, it would not cost $30. My brother has cerebral palsy and nothing will help. PT does. I've seen cp cures on the net. Sadly,, people believe what they want to believe. Look I was on the Internet and even researched some of the supps.

  • cofty

    All right. I will bite, "What is the difference between kinesiology and applied kinesology?"

    Kinesiology is an actual scinece that studies human movement. It has applications in sport and rehabilitation . Applied kinesiology is woo.

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