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  • LisaRose
    As a group JWs ARE the only ones trying to do what God requires despite all their faults and misunderstand of many many texts.

    Do you honestly believe there are no people in other religions that are not trying to do what God requires? That is absurd and patently untrue. It comes down to that in your opinion the Watchtower is right about the bible, and other feel the same about theirs. The Truth is:

    A) The Watchtower uses deception, half truths, misquotes and outright lies to convince people they are right, so all those sincere Jws are simply wrong about much of what they teach.

    B) The bible says the mark of those who are true Christians is that they have love for one another. Not the preaching work, not the trinity doctrine, not using a fake name for God, It's LOVE. Is it love to condemn fellow believers in Christ because they interpret the bible differently than you? Is it love to shun your mother because she chooses to attend a different Christian Church?

    People here should grow up and stop being so self centered

    I have grown up, I grew up the day I realized the Watchtower couldn't possibly be what they claimed, that they lied about their history, that they had no special knowledge about God, the bible or anything else. As far as being self centered, what is self centered about choosing to leave a religion when you realize it doesn't represent God? Don't JWs urge people to do that every day in their preaching work? It's not like we go knocking on your door.

    ...and stop looking for the bad in everything.

    The point of this board is to educate people about the true nature of this religion so yes, that is going to involve some negativity, but it's also to help those struggling and being hurt by the religion, and that is a positive thing. We also share that it is possible to move on and have a great life, a very positive thing.

    I have to wonder why you are so negative yourself about this forum. Could it be that you suspect what we are saying is true? Could it be that you are afraid to consider that we are right? If you feel this is such a negative place, then why come here at all? Why aren't you engaging in the Watchtower preaching work, since you feel they are so right? Just sayin'

  • Finkelstein

    Well said LisaRose

  • Finkelstein

    True To The End says .......

    As a group JWs ARE the only ones trying to do what God requires despite all their faults and misunderstand of many many texts.

    Actually thats a false claim, many other Christian based faiths or doing that very same thing but differently and perhaps not so individually self destructive as the JWS and its spiritual leaders running the Watchtower Corporation.

    One thing Christ directed to his true followers is to not follow the teachings of false prophets and when one critically looks at the doctrines propagated by this religious organization you can see an abundance of false prophecies espoused more for their commercial appeal in proliferating literature than being a true accurate interpretation of the bible and Christ's Gospel.

    So JWs are not serving the will and purpose of god, they are serving the wants desires and needs of the Watchtower Corporation and its own personal sought out agenda of power and control..

  • FayeDunaway

    Very, very well said LisaRose.

    Ttte, I DID grow up, I started to finally live my own life and worship God the way I believed, not the way my parents told me to believe, because I saw how flawed and deceptive their religion was. Unfortunately this religion doesn't let you still have a relationship with your parents if you decide you must change. I'm sorry if that makes me self centered and negative about it. Every day I hope this religion changes their policies. I miss them and love them. But I had to be true to myself too and finally grow up and stop trying to be their good girl when it conflicted with my own integrity.

  • steve2

    I grew up the day I left the organization. In my late 20s at the time, I was sick and tired of being a spoon-fed baby.

    Those who remain inside have allowed themselves to become infantalized, blindly doing what they are told and believing what they are told to believe.

    What was it my long-deceased JW grandparents used to say about people in Christendom's churches? Ah, how could I forget:

    They leave all the decisions to their ministers and don't check things out for themselves.

    Oh, is that a black pot I see bubbling away deep within the organization?

  • Stumpy

    Giordano thank you for sharing your experience. I can't imagine what it was like doing this 48 years ago with no support! You have my respect. I too am figuring out a way to make our publisher cards 'disappear' if we just leave.

    Cha Ching, thank you so much for sharing your story too. We have a LOT in common. I'll post my reasons for leaving in a few days. I'm starting to see they are very similar, maybe only in a different order, to many, many others here.

    Thank you too for this advice...

    So, as everyone, every, everyone here has said and advised, "Think long and hard and wait and think before you act..." Maybe even a few months before you decide... and don't talk. Let it all settle in, get a clear picture, a clear goal.

    True to the End that was very unkind, especially considering all the people hurting for legitimate reasons here. My reason for losing my faith has nothing to do with other people. Believe me, I have had plenty of chances to be stumbled by men, including many missionaries, CO's, DO's, fellow elders and Bethelites. I kept my faith regardless of how certain ones have treated us and others. I will post my story in a day or two and you can read for yourself why I have lost faith in the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses - I never said anything about losing faith in God. Stop jumping ahead and assuming what people's motives are and please have some empathy for people who's hearts have been broken and are trying to heal.

    Splash that was an awesome analogy, thank you.

    LisaRose beautifully put. Thank you!

    The two of us have had a rough couple of days, lot's of tears and overwhelming feelings of "what have we done!"... "is there anyway we could stay in and forget what we now know?"... "why did we start looking into this!"... "why didn't we stop?"... "I want my old life back!"... "how are we going to cope?"... "what are we going to do now?"

    I know this is part of the process and you have all gone through it... but it hurts so bad

    You have all been sooo welcoming and encouraging - thank you, thank you, thank you! We have read and re-read your comments many times. They mean a lot to us.


  • karter

    Stumpy,Most of us here have been through what your going through.

    believe me you will come out the other side better off,it may take a while but you both will.

    hang in there mate and we are all enjoying your posts.

    Karter.... from the other side of the ditch.

  • berrygerry

    I know this is part of the process and you have all gone through it... but it hurts so bad.

    For everyone who awakens, there is an accompanying pain.

    The pain of:

    - How could we be so naive for so long?

    - How badly have I wrongly treated others?

    - Whom will we lose?

    - If not WTS, then whom?

    Based on my experience, I would put the awakening process to take between 6 months and 12 months.

    However, it is like a lengthy first marriage that ends/has ended. It will still always be part of your psyche.

  • Stumpy

    Thanks Karter.

    Berrygerry, yes we are dealing with all of these too

    Oh, and guess what Circuit Assembly part I was just assigned...

  • FayeDunaway

    Holy moley that's surreal!!!!

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