2011-2012 DC Brochure(s) "Listen to God" PDF

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  • Cadellin

    OMG, you guys make me laugh!! NoRoom--Dr. Zaius--that's hilarious!

    My Book of Bible Stories looks like War and Peace compared to this brochure's simplified version.

    Unshackled hit the nail on the head. And yes, the simplified version is just downright embarassing. If someone is unable to read English well enough to read the regular version of the new broch, which itself is about a Grade 2 reading level, then they need to be reading in their first tongue.

    The problem is--well, one of them--that the WT is stuck on the "easier the better" because, as so many have noted already, anyone with even a moderately good education is starting to see right through the nonsense. The fact is, many important things connected to the Bible--whether you accept it as the Word of God or not--ARENT simple and can't be made simple, or at least, not like the WT is attempting to do. Therefore, what they've ended up with, in this silly brochure, is a complete fiction unhitched from anything remotely resembling truth or reality (however you want to define that).

    And yes, the good wifey in her apron wtih the casserole on the table just in time for the hurly burly meat-eatin husband caught my attention too. Also, did you note how every single spirit creature is a white-haired, bearded, semi-ageless Caucasian male with albatross wings? They really need to give better thought to the currency of their images.

    Also, Paradise looks like Rivendell. Someone in the art dept.'s been watching LOTR...

  • therevealer

    Faundy - You might have to upgrade your adobe reader - not sure.

    I noticed that the two versions even change the front cover. For the one group they obey and live forever - the others just obey. LOL

  • Sapphy

    I think the Devil might be modeling on the Archbishop of Canterbury, check it:


  • yknot

    Anyone wanna chance writing up a 'How to Offer' presentation?


    The only purpose of this and the simplified brochure in 'Westernized' and predominately literate communities is for random laundromat or lobby placement.....or to give those pre-K - 2nd graders to use as venues for giving a 'witness' at school......but that said, my state's public school system really doesn't really allow for 'free time' other than before and after school.


    on another point......the only women wearing pants is on pgs 28 & 30 and are worldly.

  • Sapphy

    And the red haired hussey forcing the husband to leer is wearing A SPLIT SKIRT!

    Nb I did a quick average & there are less than 250 words in the simplified edition.


  • unshackled
    P3... I can't believe the size of the houses that JWs are going to live in the New Order - massive 3 storey 10 bedroom timber frame kit mansions (memo to the WTBTS - difficult to build such a building without reinforced concrete)

    dozy...I noticed that too. That pic on page 3 is one of the most elaborate paradise illustrations think I've seen. Regarding reinforced concrete...that bridge must be concrete. How'd they pour that? Who made the rebar? Notice no power lines either. Guess they have some future-god-tech we don't know about yet.

    Also...Eve is hot. This is some spank bank material for young JW boys.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Also...Eve is hot. This is some spank bank material for young JW boys.

    LOL. I remember being younger and there was a WT article on Joseph and Potipher's wife, and I was going through puberty. Something about the way they illustrated Potipher's wife in the picture made me question Joseph's sanity.

    By the way, notice the snake in that picture, sort of reminds me of the subtle sexual undertones in the Shake Weight commercials.

  • undercover

    Tell me the guy that drew Eve going down on that getting ready to eat that pear didn't have a boner while drawing that...

  • nugget

    If they ever do this as a book study item it will be a laugh riot. I know some elders who could make one sentence last an hour.

  • stuckinamovement

    I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed how foxy Eve was. If only I were a pear.

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