2011-2012 DC Brochure(s) "Listen to God" PDF

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  • dozy

    It looks like an even more "dumbed down" version of the Enjoy Life brochure.

    P3... I can't believe the size of the houses that JWs are going to live in the New Order - massive 3 storey 10 bedroom timber frame kit mansions (memo to the WTBTS - difficult to build such a building without reinforced concrete). Exactly how 20/30 billion people are going to live on the planet with that kind of density is a bit puzzling. A lot of creative use of wood - good to see natural materials being used. No cars or roads though - maybe the materials are dropped in by helicopter (salvaged from pre-Armageddon times?) And a lot of random waving going on.

    P15... "Some people are like Noah.They listen to God and do what he says; they are Jehovah's Witnesses." Let's make it nice an easy for you to understand.

    P20.. No mention of 1914. Is this date increasingly being phased out?

    P23.. "You will be surrounded by friends and family. Life in Paradise will be a delight". Clearly they haven't met my in-laws...!

    P26.. The traditional "Hi honey I'm home" picture of the working man (complete with hard hat & flask) arriving home to his apron clad wife pouring a cool drink for her happy husband with dinner already on the table. Life stays forever in the 1950's for the WTBTS.

    P27.. The biggest ass I've seen featured in the WTBTS publications (apart from the photographs of Rutherford).

  • faundy

    Every time I try and download it says the file is damaged and can't be repaired. Help?

  • MeanMrMustard

    @jwfacts, you wrote:

    "I wasn't sure how they could make such a simple brochure simpler. But they managed. The Watchtower is really trying to attact the poor and uneducated. Don't they realise that is not where the money is going to come from?"

    I wonder if they reason that the jig is up among even moderately educated individuals... they are leaving. Therefore, there will be no more money from that demographic. They need to take anything they can get. Normally I would agree that it would be more profitable to create a decent argument for their theology, but I'm pretty sure non exists, and I wouldn't be surprised if they knew that too.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Man, that simplified version is retarded... Was this designed with kids in mind? Holy cow, if not, are they going to try to place this at the door?

  • AlmightyDog

    I just printed the simplified version and showed it to several of my coworkers. The response was a universal OMFG WTF!!!! It embarrasses me to have ever been involved with this crap.

    Instead of turning in my resignation as an elder, I decided not to go to the meeting at all this Tuesday. I had the Bible Highlights assigned, so I'm pretty sure they will figure things out at some point. Of course after looking at this "see spot run" brochure, maybe not...

  • undercover

    Downloading now. Thanks!

    While it's coming in I'm looking at the covers... Funny...

    Regular version: "Listen to God - and Live Forever"

    Simplified version: "Listen to God"

    For the moderately educated, you have to give them reason to listen... for the simpletons, you just tell em to obey...

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    just printed the simplified version and showed it to several of my coworkers. The response was a universal OMFG WTF!!!! It embarrasses me to have ever been involved with this crap.

    Its ironic how when your a JW kid, you're embarrased and shy about being the odd kid in the room. No holidays, flag saluting and all that jazz. I thought upon entering adulthood the embarrasment would disapate, but after viewing the brochure last night, I'm more embarrased by this religion than I was as a kid. Do they really expect us to offer this to the general public?

  • Magwitch

    Thank You Ynot!

  • undercover


    The "regular" version is a second, maybe third grade, reader. The "simplified" version is for the mentally retarded.

    I guess the WTS has realized that they'll never be able to convert anyone with even an elementary education and that can 'google' JWs on the net. So they have to keep their message simple to try to fool the idiots and so that their own uneducated offspring can keep up.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    This "simplified" trend has to mean something significant at the Borganization level.

    I'm mulling some theories...

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