"Cemetery Witnessing" on Memorial Day

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  • Gayle

    I was so faithful and did 'everything' for the WTS,,but not that!,,grateful I had 'some' common sense and sensitivty back then.

  • MrFreeze

    Makes me wanna barf.

  • luna2

    Jehovah's Witnesses are all about gaining converts any way they can, and if pushing themselves on someone grieving gets magazine or tract placements, then that's what they do. I've never done cemetary witnessing and can only be glad that it wasn't something that was popular in either of the two congregations I attended. I hate that JWs are always looking for people who are at their lowest point so that they can hope to lure them into their religion.

  • rebel8

    That's gross.

    Most cemeteries around here are private property.

  • fortis et liber
    fortis et liber

    Proselytizing to those grieving is a disgusting and heartless practice it does however, fit in with the ‘recrutment’ methods of a cult i.e. get ‘em while they’re vulnerable. Disgusting, absolutley disgusting.

  • Desert Rat
    Desert Rat

    None that I know of ever did this sort of witnessing, I certainly never would have myself, so tasteless! I went to the Veteran's Cemetery this morning, watched the Honor Guard perform. Had anyone approached me with a tract or anything, while I was putting out flowers for my Father, who spent WW2 in a POW camp in Germany, or my Brother, who served in Vietnam, or my Father-in-Law who was on a destroyer in WW2, I'd of hit them both barrels, and chased them back to their cars!! But then again, they probably would not have the courage to go to a Vet's resting place.

  • rebel8

    I would love to see a video hit youtube.

    A dub lurking around private property trying to recruit mourners. She approaches the family of a military vet who confront her about her anti-military and anti-patriotism beliefs, not to mention her ghoulish, tacky choice of place and time to recruit.

  • blondie

    As to cemeteries being private property, I guess that is why one of the WT accounts said they stood outside the gate.

    decided to stand at the entrance of the cemetery and offer tracts.

    Also I was thinking about that religious group that pickets military funerals. They can gain access to the cemetery but have to be a certain distance away (in my state it is 500 feet and not 60 minutes before or after the funeral.

    No laws regarding other times just visiting the gravesite.

    Few new cemeteries or funerals on private property any more in my state...too many restrictions regarding location. Original ones have been grandfathered in.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I don't remember anyone doing that at the halls I attended doing that. I think most of the people at the halls I went to were a little more reasonable and didn't do the real obnoxious stuff like hanging around cemetaries bothering people. I guess we went out door knocking on Memorial Day. We used have congregation picnics on Memorial Day but I think the put a stop the that because it was fun.

  • Bangalore

    Check out this thread.



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