"Cemetery Witnessing" on Memorial Day

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  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Their coming to get you Barbara look there's one now.

    clip from night of the living dead cemetary scene

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    From my present position, I find this revolting. The same people can be reached on other days in other forums. It is nicer than the Westboro Baptist Church. JWs seem to have no social intelligence. What is Roman Catholics scanned the obits for JWs death and then proceeded en masse with a priest, all clutching rosary beards and holding a crucifiz aloft, to the KH or private funeral home to denounce the Witnesses. This strategy must totally alienate the vast majortiy of people.

    The Witnesses don't see field service as a form of love, IMO. It is warfare and wack out nonbelievers. Any discussion of the Bible leaves them running away. You catch more flies with honey. I've always been astounded by the power of condemnation and hell fire.

    It isn't only the Witnesses. B/c of disability, I agreed to try to raise funds for the Democratic National Committee during the last campaign by going door to door. The other peoplel were very young people, hustling, with no knowledge of politics and especially the DNC or the latest news beyond the surface. Obama had a secure website for people to donate as millions did. I could not believe it as we went door in a very affluent Democratic stronghold. The kids patronized the well educated professionals. A clipboard for donation was handed to the owner as if it were a hot potato. People immediately handed it back. Their faces revealed much. Everything was said to mislead people as to where the money would go. Talking down to people does not yield good results.

    The audacity to come to my home and presume I am a helpless, ignorant idiot needing to be saved by this cult annoys me. Most people just laugh at them. I wish I could.

  • moshe
    reads obituaries and then sends letters or emails to the grieving family

    Tit for Tat, some ex- JWs have posted online funeral home condolences for deceased JW friends/family (who had been shunning them)- I wonder how that goes over when the public reads that?

  • jgnat

    My gut reaction was, "Oooh, yuck".

  • Snoozy

    Well as much bad stuff we have to say about the religion I have to say that when my mom died my dad was feeling pretty bad. A old witness friend came up to him and told him he would see her again some day..he brightened up.
    Truth or not she made him feel better and for that I was grateful..will he see Mom again ..didn't matter at that point. He believed it and that's what counted at the time.
    She gave him a glimmer of hope.

    For that I was grateful..

    For all their known false teachings I reject them, for the things no one knows for sure..who's to judge?.


  • jgnat

    Yeah, snoozy. That was someone who knew them, offering comfort. I offer the same comfort to my JW hubby because this is the context of his belief. Prosylizing new converts at a cemetery, with no regard for differing beliefs, well, that is just crass.

  • designs

    Cemetary Witnessing has got to be one of the alltime tackiest ministries the Watchtower ever thought up. Ranks up there with their Telemarketing ( Phone Witnessing) phase they went through.

  • serenitynow!

    I have never done the cemetary thing, but I have witnessed at funerals. It has always been of people I knew, and I would share some scriptures from the bible. I did also give out a couple "when someone you love dies" brochures. I really thought at the time that I was bringing the people some comfort. I never got into the whole "your loved one is not going to heaven thing" though. I think that saying that to "worldly" people, especially when grieving causes them undue distress.

  • designs

    Maybe if they handed out 2 for 1 Coupons at Funerals it would look less tacky

  • jgnat


    Check out Chaz's comments from 3:13.

    ... funerals are insane, the chicks are so horny, its not even fair, its like fishing with dynamite ...

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