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  • wannabefree

    I really don't get it. The only thing that changed is what used to be referred to as the significance of the ten toes. I thought this simply was symbolic of complete (number 10) destruction of all kingdoms by God's Messianic Kingdom, as far as world powers is concerned, nothing has changed, the Anglo-American has always been (at least in my history with JW) the final world power. It was just repackaged with a little zing to make the audience nod and appreciate the new light. We are soooooooo close now!

  • sir82

    I've got it!

    The fact that the Society is now understanding even the minutiae of the detail, down to the toes, now that they can say that the number of toes has no real significance....

    Well, that's just more proof the end is near!

    We understand the big pieces of the prophecy, we understand the little pieces of the prophecy, we know it all, the end can come any moment now....

    Waiting for Godot, anyone?

  • Alwayshere

    So what is the new light?

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    So what is the new light?

    Overlapping school kids. (Friday morning)


    Thank you St YNOT, almost bearable not having to actually go to the convention.

  • therevealer

    I think the "big" excitement is supposed to be generated by the supposed fact that they don't have to wait for another world power to become dominant enough to be seen as the "king of the north". Many have waited with baited breath and more than a little anxiety, since the lack of that king how could the prophecy come to fruition. So now the wonderful gubbering body has kindly given that there is no waiting for that to happen. Sooo, the big bang (the kingdom "stone" hurtling through space) can happen at any moment. I also love how they make it too clear that they didn't have this bullshite fully figured out and ready for the assemblies. Therefore the statement that this will be more fully covered and discussed in a upcoming watchtower article. LOL

  • baltar447

    Therevealer, I only skimmed the talk, did they talk about the King of the North?

  • happyexjw

    Thanks yknot and Brother Anonymous


  • therevealer

    baltar337 -- that's the point I was making about this new bull light. They seem to have dropped the "king of the north". I think that is so that they can crank up the urgency. No need to wait for the next king of the north to emerge. We're ready to go now. Maybe wait a little bit to see how the UN comes into play a bit more but then let er rip. Harmageddon. But of course that Camping guy is a nut case for doing basically what they continue to do.

  • Dagney

    Oh my. I had a 10 minute rundown of last weekend's convention. I am amazed how they hang on each word as if they are learning the secret of the universe. Sad. They were so excited to tell me what therevealer said above, no new revelations about the KOTN and the UN, they are set and ready to go at Jah's command. Also the comments among them was this "feeling" that something is going to happen this year.

    Some other strange comments about BTG, how you are not out "her" completely if you are watching questionable movies etc. Huh?

    It just is what it is...blind alegiance. Amazing.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Yup, all the talks were basically saying: Armageddon is REALLY close now, the Great Tribulation is right on the front doorstep (quote "doesn't that give you goosebumps" I thought "not really, I'll see you again within 10 years"), don't leave now (to me it sounded like "please don't leave us, it's dark and cold and I don't know where I am").

    Oh yes, the false prophecies about the statues that nobody understood and many didn't even know ever changed back and forth. No mention about the UN, just the Anglo-American world power (which is slowly losing as we speak to the Asiatic world power). They're hanging on to whatever political event that places the US in a good spot in the world, whenever the US loses it's power in the world because of the way it's being governed right now, the JW org. will self-destruct.

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