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  • diamondiiz

    I wish you all the best in your fight and I hope that you win this for yourself as if it will bring some closure to you but your work is also beneficial to so many within the cult even if they don't know it and don't appreciate it yet.

    I do have a question regarding this point

    - if Bethany had received a blood transfusion, she would have been brought back from the edge of death, not went blind and would have had an opportunity to seek proper medical treatment.

    since your daughter did receive transfusions earlier why didn't the doctors administer the transfusion at this point in time if it was the only option to safe her? Is this point referring to scenario had she not received arsenic and received proper medical treatment or as I understand it that had she received blood while undergoing the arsenic treatment???

  • Lawrence Hughes
    Lawrence Hughes

    Hi Diamondiiz,

    The Watchtower Society lawyers convinced my 16 year old daughter that arsenic would cure her skin cancer, took her into hiding for two months and arranged for her to be fed the arsenic.

    They sought out ( or bought ) a doctor who would prescribe the arsenic without blood transfusions. If Bethany had received radiation treatment for her skin cancer then most likely she would be alive today.

    l hope that answers your quesion.


  • JunkYardDog

    Larry; I have been following this sick story from the beginning. I admire your conviction to EXPOSE THE WTS, YOU HAVE BRASS BALLS. i CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW YOU STOOD UP TO THE WTS LAWYERS all by your self all these years with out legal help? IF YOU WIN i THINK IT WILL BE THE BIGGEST LOSE OF THE WTS IN THE COURTS. it's about human rightsw that the wt takes from you. Best wishes to you MR. hughes

  • JunkYardDog

    Mr. Hughes: just a question; after all these years if your fighting the wts. You can't find a lawyer that will take you case for free? and maybe hope for $$$$$ to come from the back end?

  • Lawrence Hughes
    Lawrence Hughes

    Hi JunkYardDog,

    I have had two lawyers. The Watchtower Society threatened to sue them personally for court costs and so they each stuck their tail between their legs and made a run for it. The laws in Canada are not the same as in the USA. In the USA I would have no problem finding a law firm to represent me on contingency. Here in Canada a lawfirm will only take on a case on contingency or probono if they are convinced that they will win. I have talked to almost every law firm in Calgary. Osler LLP did represent me at the Supreme Court of Canada. There have been a couple of lawyers who have represented me probono for particular court proceedings. A lawfirm is not interested in committing a huge amount of time and money to a lawsuit unless they are sure they will win.

    If I win I stand to be awarded about two million dollars. I did not file this lawsuit to make money.


  • steve2

    Hi Lawrence,

    I can only be in awe of your stand. The loss of a child under any circumstances is tragic - how much more so when it is due to following religious beliefs.

    Are complicating factors that 1) Bethany was considered to no longer be a minor and 2) had appeared to want the Watchtower to help her in her refusal to have blood and was seemingly prepared to follow their advice and recommendations? THis would contrast with a case in which the child was a minor and had not expressed a desire for the Watchtower to step in. I'd appreciate your thoughts on these factors. Kind regards, Steve.

  • Mary

    Lawrence my heart goes out to you, as my brother in law died from myelodysplastic syndrome, which is very similar to what Bethany died from. I too believe to this day that if it had not been for the Society's ban on blood transfusions, he would be alive today. The WTS---in particular, the Governing Body----needs to be held accountable for basically forcing members to commit suicide rather than take blood transfusions. Each and every one of them should be charged with Assisted Suicide. Something tells me they'd be getting "new light" on this subject in record time.

    Kudos to you for what you're doing. Your case has all the horrors of what this cult is capable of. To 'worldly' people, they cannot comprehend that any 'Christian' religion today denies medical treatment to their members because of some stupid, ridiculous arbitrary interpretation of something that was written thousands of years ago. And in addition to them denying proper treatment, the father of the victim is thrown out, divorced by his wife and shunned by everyone he ever knew, because he tried to save his daughters' life.

    Keep us posted.

  • Lawrence Hughes
    Lawrence Hughes

    Hi Steve,

    You are right on. It is interesting that a three judge panel at the Alberta Court of Appeal has decided unanimously that this lawsuit should go to trial on the issue of "CONSENT". During the appeal, all three judges hammered the Watchtower lawyers with questions such as:

    Why did you give Bethany medical advice?

    Why did you contact a doctor and ask that doctor to treat Bethany using arsenic?

    Why did you arrange to have Bethany taken into hiding?

    Why were you present in Edmonton, Alberta with Bethany when she died?

    Why were you involved with your client, Bethany Hughes two months after the legal proceedings had ended?

  • mrquik

    Lawrence; So sorry for your loss. I certainly agree with Mary. The GB should be held accountable for those lost from idiotic, vacillating doctine. They make the Scibes & Pharisees look like choir boys. I would love to see this end the madness but they could blow millions on this & not seriously affect their bottom line. Hopefully some in the WBTS will realize the arrogance & hypocrisy. Best of luck to you.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Lawrence Hughes - you have a PM.


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