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  • Lawrence Hughes
    Lawrence Hughes

    Dear Friends,

    I would like to thank those who have helped me. As a result, important legal precedents have been made and a lot of media coverage has been made which has exposed the Watchtower Society. If you google "Lawrence Hughes Jehovah", you can see a sample of that media coverage. Also, Universities across Canada teach this case to the medical and law students. Many articles have been published in National medical, legal, religious and public journals world wide.

    The Watchtower has tried every trick in the book to have this lawsuit thrown out. All their efforts have failed. A three judge panel at the Alberta Court of Appeal have decided that this lawsuit should go to trial. If this lawsuit were to proceed to trial, there would be ongoing media coverage over the next couple of years. I have been informed by several experts that this would be one of the most publicized trials in Canadian history. The facts brought forth from this trial would be very damaging to the Watchtower Society and for certain Watchtower leaders. After the trial criminal charges could be laid. I believe that this lawsuit could bring an end to the " BAN ON BLOOD " and could bring an end to the Watchtower Society.

    I belive I have a solid case. The Alberta Court of Appeal has decided unanimously that this lawsuit should go to trial. There has been a lot of misinformation about this case, partly due to inaccurate media reporting and partly due to the Watchtower Society deliberately trying to spin the media. Also, when I filed the Statement of Claim, I did not have all the facts. Decide for yourself. The following are some of the facts of the case:

    - the doctors ran a battery of tests and found that there was no leukemia cells and that the desease was in remission.

    - Bethany was scheduled to be discharged from the hospital when they found skin cancer on her back.

    - the head of Oncology testified under oath that the skin cancer was not life threatening and could be treated with radiation.

    - a Watchtower lawyer writes a letter to a doctor asking that doctor to treat Bethany with arsenic.

    - a Watchtower lawyer files an affidavit saying that Bethany is afraid that Child Welfare will force her to have more blood transfusions if she gets sick again.

    - Bethany's mother testifies under oath that the arsenic treatment is Palliative Care.

    - the doctor who prescribed the arsenic states that it is for Palliative Care.

    - Bethany in a Televison interview states many times that the treatment she is receiving is curative and that she believes that she will most likely be cured.

    - Dr. Arceci, the world expert of Pediatric Oncology, has testified under oath, that arsenic is not a cure for skin cancer or for the desease that Bethany had before it went into remission, AML subtype M1.

    - according to the medical records, the arsenic gradually killed off the blood cells, Bethany went blind and the next day Bethany died of congestive heart failure.

    - if Bethany had received a blood transfusion, she would have been brought back from the edge of death, not went blind and would have had an opportunity to seek proper medical treatment.

    - Dr. Arceci testified under oath, that if Bethany had received one of many standard treatment protocols, that Bethany would have had a fighting chance to live.....if she had a relapse from leukemia. If however, as according to all the tests that confirmed she had no leukemia, then as long as the skin cancer was treated in a timely fashion. Bethany would be alive today.

    If you would like more information or to help me with this fight, then I invite you to contact me a: [email protected] or visit my website: [email protected]

    Again, thanks for your help over these past nine years.

    Yours truly,

    Lawrence Hughes

  • Nickolas

    Go Lawrence!

    Edit: What recent information I can find indicates that the appeal was rejected

    any more recent urls?

  • nugget

    Lawrence your courage is an inspiration anyone with children in the organisation is in danger of facing the pressure to conform and needs protection from the undue influence of the society. Medical decisions should be a private matter between the parents, the medical personel and the child and should be made in the best interests of the child. Children should never be used as religious martyrs it is a travesty.

    I wish you every success you deserve victory in this.

  • GLTirebiter

    Lawrence, thank you for having the fortitude to keep up the fight after losing so much! May your efforts save many others from suffering and death at the hands of Watchtower quackery.

  • Lawrence Hughes
    Lawrence Hughes

    Hi Nickolas,

    The Calgary Sun got the story completely wrong. If you check out the Calgary Herald or the National Post newspapers for that day you will get an accurate account of the appeal decision. I believe they were both front page articles.


  • flipper

    LAWRENCE - I admire your courage and wish you all the best in your fight for justice in exposing the WT society. There are many of us here sending good thoughts your way and hope for a complete victory in this case. Sincerely, Mr. Flipper

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    good for you and best wishes!

  • MrFreeze

    We are all rooting for your victory. This victory would aid thousands if not millions.

  • TD

    Good for you Lawrence. No religion has a right to insert themselves into the Doctor/patient relationship as a third party. I admire your persistence.

  • Quandry

    We'll be waiting for more news with much interest. Hope things go well for you.

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