What do you really know about "Millions Now Living Will Never Die"?

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  • mrquik

    Terry; I'm pretty sure that the millions then living are all dead. Those still in are, as you have acccurately described, betting "all in" & now can't back out. They are as someone once said " to be pitied above all others"

  • Terry

    The confident attitude in the magazines communicate more than the details.

    The tone betrays no shame.

    That's enough for those who pay no attention.

    Who should be paying attention? The members.

    Why don't they?

    They don't need to. The thinking and explaining is pre-chewed. All they need do is swallow.

  • Ding


    I have a copy of the Millions book.

    How anyone could read that today and think that the WTS speaks for God is beyond me.

    Likewise with The Finished Mystery and a lot of the other Rutherford books.

  • thetrueone

    The WTS. systematic conveyor belt of Bullshit presented to the public is done with the preconceived mind set that most of the public would

    not realize how and why the BS is being presented. Once the statement came out that the WTS. and J Rutherford were god's specially chosen

    earthly organization to channel information to mankind, the real foundation of corruption began to build up from there.

    I think it was 1919 if I'm not mistaken. This is when the power went right to Rutherford's head and started to create a real sick state of his personal

    self identity. The religious publishing house had became his beloved con game of opportunity that created an enormous amount of power and wealth.

    Add all of the love, respect and adulation given to him by the lower subordinates, how could Brother Rutherford turn away from all of that ?

  • Terry

    I can remember a long while back sitting down with a one volue comprehensive printing of Pastor Russell's STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES.

    I decided I would try and be as objective and neutral as I could possibly be. I would begin at the beginning an form impressions on the spot.

    Well, let me tell you!

    The "tone" was lovely. I sensed a gentle soul speaking with a big heart for the Lord. So far, so good.

    There was a keen intelligence and intensity in the writing. The florid style of that period is rather esthetically pleasing to me.

    I started to feel a "tug" at my heart. Honest. I did.

    The subconscious implants were stirring to life!

    I began longing for that once rapturous love affair with Jehovah and the feeling of absolute certainty again.

    Why? Why was I feeling this?

    I spoke to my youngest son about it at the time. He identified what was going on immediately. I give him a lot of credit.

    He said, "Dad, if you give a drunk a drink would you expect him not to like it?"


    Amazing insight. I am still a Godaholic deep inside. I was gulping down the bottle; chug chug chug.

    When I got to the chapter on the Great Pyramid, however---it all started falling apart quite rapidly!

    The insanity was clear. The false reasoning, wrong suppositions, crazy connections that aren't connections---it all made me sick!

    I closed the book and sighed.

    It is like finding out your best friend that you grew up with has been murdering co-eds in his spare time and fooling you utterly.

    The pathology is glaring.

    The mind behind the beautiful words and daring and daunting chronologies is sick. One tiny little twist and everything that is good, noble and loving is poisoned with madness.

    In any compromise between a glass of pure water and a drop of cyanide it is the poison that wins.

    The TRUTH is sparkling pure water with that one tiny drop in it.

  • Nickolas

    He said, "Dad, if you give a drunk a drink would you expect him not to like it?" ... Amazing insight.

    Chip off the old block?

  • thetrueone

    What Terry has mentioned holds true to most people who get involved with the JWS, there's an element of delusional joy of the world

    soon turned into a paradise state and being apart of that special group of people who wont die and will be grated the pass into paradise,

    but mostly its an element of adverse fear of whats to come, that holds people to this organization.

    People who develop an analytical sense to whats being presented to them, usually don't make for good religious people, strong in faith

    and devotion.

    What the WTS. should publish is " Sorry, millions of are books that were sold are now useless and are dangerously redundant "

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    "The year 1925 especially proved to be a year of great trial to many of Jehovah's people. Some stopped waiting and went with the world."

    From "Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose" Page 110

    Although Rutherford publicly admitted "I made an ass of myself" this is not an apology. (Terry)

    It doesnt sound good.

  • flipper

    What do you REALLY know about " Millions Now Living Will Never Die " ? I REALLY know that those who were promised that - ARE ALL DEAD. And that's a fact and reality. ( And someday ALL who believed in 1975 being " the end " will all be dead as well. And that TOO is a fact. ) Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • thetrueone

    Wouldn't it be nice if the WTS. came clean and wrote -

    " We write shit up to attract the attention of the public, its not are fault for being a publishing house "

    If people fall for are orchestrated bullshit we have no other cloice but to use and exploit these people to further the

    proliferation of are literature, at the same time expanding are kingdom of power and control, were men after all from

    poor uneducated backgrounds.

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