What do you really know about "Millions Now Living Will Never Die"?

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  • moshe

    Rutherford was a lawyer, turned WT evangelist who knew he would lose some members after 1925, but her also found out that he could lie and mislead JWs and they would take it up the keester over and over again- no apology was demanded by JWs for the Judge's mistakes.

  • sabastious

    When was this mathmatically proven false? Who was the single person that died that took the tally down to 999,999 left therefore debunking the claim mathmatically?

    Are there a million babies that were born in 1925 alive right now? Because if that were true and the big A came right now then it wouldn't be a false prophecy, correct?


  • sabastious

    Actually the tally would go down to 1,999,999 because they said millionS.



    Good Morning Terry..

    The current OVERLAPPING GENERATIONS teaching is the final nail in the coffin of credibility for Watchtower leadership.....Terry

    I doubt theres a single JW in the FS this morning..

    That know they are working for the Dead..

    .................. ...OUTLAW

  • thetrueone

    Million(s) Sab not 1 Million

    If you take all of the proclamations made the WTS. and its hierarchal leaders and list them one by one you can see

    a progressive and aggressiveness to attract attention to the their literature, the picture posted by Terry tells the story clearly.

    The foremost basic doctrine of the WTS is to sell literature by attracting the attention of the public. Since the WTS. knew that most of the public were

    Christain by religious choice, they knew well that what they had could and would sell.

    Without these grand proclamations could the WTS sell as many pieces of literature as they did and still do ? Hardly !

    In America freedom of religion also means commercial freedom of religion and organizations like the WTS. have taken the fullest

    advantage of this freedom. This is something thats worthy of acknowledgment.

  • TD
    How again was it that the WTS. and Rutherford came up with 1925 anyways ...........anybody ?

    Israel enters into Canaan in 1575 B.C. -Sabbath and Jubilee cycles begin (Lev 25:10)

    Seventy Jubilees = 3500 years. (Seventy = Years in Babylonian captivity)

    3500 - 1575 = 1925 (Note lack of zero year in this calculation too!)

  • DeathSentry

    Are you saying there is a new pamphlet out now as well?

  • NVR2L8

    THKS Terry,

    I always enjoy your well-researched information.

  • thetrueone

    Thanks TD for the accurate explanation

    Interesting that even when I left the WTS. in 1980 nothing was ever mentioned of this date/year of 1925.

    There's that magic number 7 again or known to Judeo-Christians as lucky 7

    Making up these dates does have its attaching commercial value for this publishing house but it also shows the organizations own inherent corruption.

    Somehow the WTS. doesn't want to embrace and uphold the words of Jesus Christ that no one shall know of the time of the lords return.

    That scriptural verse just cant be exploited into commercial appeal, particularly so for the book publishing company, the WTS.

  • Terry

    If Rutherford knew anything about history he knew that Adventists BY NATURE cannot be shaken out of their lust for failed-predictions anymore

    than losing everything can keep an inveterate gambler away from the tables!

    The high, the juice, the thrill comes from having that electric tingle stimulated by pushing ALL-IN on a date...any date and then watching

    the wheel spin.

    The self-lie is that "Someday I'll win! This might be the big jackpot!!"

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