How to identify a JW from a distance

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  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Much has apparently been said in recent years about how a "good" JW should be dressed and groomed, so as to be easily identified - even from a distance.

    Yesterday, while driving through town, I did see two people the distance:

    - and certainly, by the way they were dressed, my suspicions were aroused.

    - However, what confirmed their identity was not their dress and grooming. Rather, as I drove up closer, I noticed both of them doing the "Pioneer Shuffle" up somebody's driveway:

    i.e. Both carrying a bag full of literature, and looking like they did not really want to be there at all - but still going thorough the motions of making the morning stretch out anyway, with the end objective of making the "Hours" column in their Monthly Report Forms look more impressive.

    After seeing that, there could be no question as to their identity!

    (And the WTS would try to tell us that theirs is "The Best Way of Life" - to quote the title of one of their publications of the late 1970s).


  • prophecor

    Probably unrelated, but family members (outsider, non witnesses) complain how when they are in street ministry, they just talk among themselves, not really interested in seeking out potential converts or placing literature.

  • Nabeena

    Except for the ones that love a confrontation, most JWs just want to get in there, do what they have to and go have their lunch break. No one really gets extra points for sucking someone else into the borg. If they DID, they might have to go to studies, give the study rides to meetings, be nice to them on holidays when they are having withdrawal from family. Really, at best, getting converts just means that parking will be harder when you are arriving exactly at 7 for the 7pm meeting.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    The other week in a nearby town, i was parked out the front of a house while waiting for someone when along came three JWs.

    they got out of the car and made there way around the block in opposite dirctions. Two ladies passed me by, sitting in my car, window down, knocked on all the nobody homes and diddnt even consider talking to me.

    I just let them plod on their futile way. They sure don't seem interested in actualy speaking to anyone...


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    During April, the local JWs were doing the territory around my neighbourhood, and I noticed the same thing. The slow shuffle, the slooping shoulders, the lack of interest on their faces... unmistakenly JWs trying to put their hours in. Saving anyone from Armageddon was the last thing on their minds.

  • sizemik

    We should be grateful . . . "from a distance" is the best way to identify them.

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    We should be grateful . . . "from a distance" is the best way to identify them.


  • alanv

    I wrote a thread on this 2 years ago, and it is still so true.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    funny though...away from the door to door shuffle...

    I came across two fellows in printers shop and they could have been JWs. In fact i would have put money on it. I guessed either JW or uber christian pentecostal sort. The pants, shirt and ties, the short hair and the neat moustach that didnt go past the corners of the mouth...

    turned out to be the later...of interest on the counter was my article i had just had printed against teenage JW baptism!

    nothing said.

  • OnTheWayOut

    My work has me driving through the heavily-Mexican neighborhood on a regular basis on Saturday or Sunday early morning. Typically, I see three or four people with their bookbags walking the commercial boulevard after 6 AM. They probably do street work until the recruiting group meets later in the morning. The thing is, they are doing the pioneer shuffle. There is no hurrying and they are just enjoying talking to each other as there are virtually never more than a couple of pedestrians out that early (except them). There's no need for four of them to walk together. I wonder why they don't break off, then I see why. Another three are on the other side of the street doing the same thing.

    So seven JW's at 6 AM get three+ hours of recruiting in and probably talk to one person each, but that one person probably has spoken to them many times before. That's twenty-one unproductive hours right there. It's all about the time to the JW. It used to be all about the $0.50 for the mags to the WTS, but now it's something to keep the members busy and hope they put money in the box.

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