Are more long standing JW's leaving?

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  • TotallyADD

    Will I know two. My wife Reopened Mind and Me. Both baptized 37 years and 40 years. I think many more would leave but like all of us they have to take account of what they will lose. In a normal world this is something one would not have to worry about but in a cult the the first question that come to mind when thinking about leaving. Totally ADD

  • ballistic

    Maybe when they work out the "toes", a corn growth will appear on a toe, this "corn" could mean something else?

  • metatron

    Why did the GB make a remark about 'older ones' not being loyal because of telling their kids to go to college? "We didn't get to go and we're poor" sort of thing.


  • flipper

    CANTLEAVE- Great thread ! I do believe more and more long time JW's are leaving the cult. I left or stopped attending after 44 years as a JW from birth back in 2003. I have a good buddy who served as a MS when I did in the 1980's who left in 1990 after years of being in the cult. The WT society can only prevent long time members from figuring things out for so long. Access to the Internet is ALWAYS there. And if a long time JW such as myself starts experiencing injustices committed against them from elders or other authority figures - it can be the tipping point which pushes someone off the fence ! It certainly did that to me. I hope more long time JW's exit this dangerous cult

  • truthseeker

    The dynamics have really changed haven't they? Back in the '90s, few had access to the internet, then technology and broadband got cheaper and faster in the 2000s, now almost everyone has a smartphone with web access.

    There will be no excuse not to be informed this decade because the web is everywhere...

  • cantleave

    There will be no excuse not to be informed this decade because the web is everywhere.

    Absolutely - that's why the only course for the GB is to demonise the internet, even benign aspects of it such as social networking.

  • wobble

    Spot on Cantleave, the GB can't have the ordinary JW having easy access to the Truth. Irony at its best.

  • DesirousOfChange

    On the book release, according to a former Bethelite, a book was completed and ready to go to translation but was canceled at the last minute, possibly due to a GB split.

    But apparently it IS true that there was no "new release" as far as an actual book goes -

    Gotta quit printing all those books when nobody is paying for them.

    (Tho I'd like to hear more insider info about a "cancelled" book project, if that's true.)

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Experience told to me from one of the CO's: In his old (affluent) circuit of ~2000, 179 children went to get a 4y higher education, 2 remained in 'tha truus'. Really sad to see them young ones go. The other young ones all feel downtrodden and oppressed, the WTBTS blames the 'demonic spirit of the world', I blame their monoculture of thoughts and the repression of normal culture. Humanity as a whole is getting slowly better by the day (if you look at it objectively, less people are dying, more people are getting a modicum of information (the Internet in 3rd world countries) and as a result health)

  • Alfred

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