Anointed on here - Helping the lies to continue.

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Thats one hell of an opening post.

    Reverse up a bit and try introducing yourself first, let us know a little about your journey out of the WT and maybe why you are so angry.

    As for the assumptions you make, why not try some dialogue with them and find out why they are here?


  • snare&racket
  • snare&racket
  • punkofnice

    Welcome, snare&racket.

    I was an elder who is now being DF for apostacy, so I don't know how I figure in your post. Not badly I hope. It was becoming an elder that opened my eyes to the fact that the WTB$ is just a big business posing as a religion. When I was rank and file I was subject to the mind control but left alone and not privvy to the Pharisee rules.

    When I wanted to genuinely help the flock I soon discovered there would always be a letter or watchtower article that instructed how to deal with situations. Common sense did not prevail. I now see it was to ensure there were no lawsuits against the WTB$ as a result.

    I feel that those who claim to be annointed in the WTB$ are either liars or deluded. I've known some real weirdos that claimed annointing over the years.

    I have a gammyzine in my bookbag that explains this.....................

  • TotallyADD

    Welcome snare&racket to the board. Get it out. This cult causes alot of anger in people. Just remember as wrong the thinking is in the cult. We ar all victims of it. This forum was made for people just like you. Like punkofnice when I served as a elder you could not really help people. Only instruct them in what a letter or WT had to say on the subject. If you are a caring person and really want to help people this cult is not the place to be. Welcome and begin the healing. Totally ADD P.S. If you are like me after writing a post I forget to press Submit button on the bottom left corner.

  • cantleave

    Hi Snare and Racket, Welcome.

    I suggest that you consider other's circumstances and strongly held beliefs before you start calling them out!!

    I am atheist, but I love reading the Christian viewpoints on this board. I have learnt a great deal from people like Chalam, Shelby, Watersprout, Snowbird etc, in the same way I have from people like OTWO, Flipper and wobble.

    We don't have to agree with people, but if we don't that doesn't make us superior.

    As for serving elders, who are trapped in the cult, I feel for their situation (and that is a change of position for me). I am grateful that I could get out and wish them every success in their path.

    My advice is enjoy the discussions, retain an open mind, beat up the self proclaimed geniuses and celebrate all those who have woken up and stuck two fingers up to the WT$.

  • Fernando

    Hey snare&racket. A belated welcome!

    It seems most of the posters here who profess faith in Jesus, know that in the NT/NC scriptures HE alone is "the anointed" (or "ho Kristos" which is always correctly translated "the Christ" even in the warped NWT).

    Contrary to their own Bible, the spiritually blind, confused, inebriated and insane Watchtower refers to a small group of fallen men as "the anointed", making them "the Christs" - in other words false Christs - a supposedly ruling religious clergy class who mediate between God and man (the dumb sheeple class).

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