Waking Up From a 34 Year Slumber.

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    The main reason that I have not left JW's is Matt 24:14.

    Do you think it matters WHAT they preach?

    If what they preach is false, then of what value is it?

    Other religions have been far more successful at reaching the masses.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    When you wondered where would i go i thought about Thoreau and why he went to walden pond change it to why I left the organization because I wished to live deliberately to front only the essential facts of life and see if i could not learn what it had to teach and not when I came to die discover that I had not lived.

  • Inside Man
    Inside Man

    soul patch, soul patch beard, Mario Van Peebles

    Bro. alg1052 if you dont cut off your soul patch you can no longer carry the mics or be a attendant. But you can still do hall cleaning and mow the lawn on Saturday afternoon.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Great opening post. Welcome to the forum.

    The sleeping pill I took was in the form of them providing the information that made the Bible come alive with the truth and insisting that they go by the Bible not adding or taking away from it.

    I like the contrast. If it's a sleeping pill, then the provided information must be a dream. (It turned out to be a nightmare to me.)

    Speaking of contrast, notice your opening post and your comment on page 2:

    I am irregular heading for inactive status in service because members are more concerned with time than anything else. They will harass people within a territory just to get that time needed to complete pioneer time (depressing).
    The main reason that I have not left JW's is Matt 24:14. Who is known for preaching God's kingdom wherever they can? One of the fruitages of the spirit is long suffering. And I am exercizing long suffering as I continue my association with this Pharasee like organization.

    I hope you work that out, but let me give my thoughts on the matter. What they preach is that sleeping pill, Watchtower's Kingdom. You have noticed our varied paths out of WTS here, so you know that some maintain Christianity without WTS. If my path included belief in the Bible and the preaching work, I would rather find another way to carry out that mission than to harass people with a false message based on organization rules.

    But that's just me. Best to you and see ya around.

  • punkofnice

    ALG, Welcome.

    I don't know your circumstances but what I did was = Run. Run as fast as possible away from that antichrist big business cult posing as a religion.

    Fade, cold turkey. Whatever it takes get the heck out of it!

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney


    Everyone else has said the things I would say. Don't fall for the "Where else can we go? Nobody else teaches and preaches the good news," line. When your mind is free you can go anywhere else you choose. I can honestly say with 100% confidence and absolutely no fear for my eternal soul that God simply doesn't care about religion. None of it. Think about this. How many people in the Bible STOPPED following their religious leaders when they were wrong? Moses left an entire country - Egypt. Jeremiah spoke against the false worship he saw. Jesus not only spoke against the corruption of his birth-religion, HE STARTED A NEW RELIGION. Paul left Judaism to follow Christianity.

    The "Where else can we go?" line is MISquoted by JWs. Peter asked Jesus, "to WHO else" would they go. The answer, is nobody but Jesus.

    You don't need organization. Religion is a snare and a racket, said Rutherford, and it is the only thing he got right.

    Good luck!

  • RagingBull

    I'm at the point now where if the "soul patch" issue is brought up (say, at our next CO's visit) like that...I'm bouncing. Then when/if anyone asks why I'm not attending meetings anymore...I can just have the message passed that "I still have my soul patch, thus I'm not worthy so why bother"

  • undercover


    Sometimes it's the little things that jolt you awake from the zombie state of being a JW. The expected blind obedience to a silly non-scriptural rule is one of those things.

    Of course, they're perfectly within their rights to remove you from a position of slavery privilege. It's their company, their rules. That's right...their COMPANY. The WTS is a publishing company in the guise of a religion. As a JW you aren't a Christian or servant of God. You're a marketing rep for the company. And you're doing it for free. Worse than that, you pay your own expenses and cover for the clients householders when they don't pay donate for the literature.

    Toward the end you said:

    The problem that I find myself in that I see many others face is, Where else can you go?

    Someone has probably already covered this but repition of emphasis ya know....

    It's not "where" you can go.... it's to "who" (whom?) you can go. If you feel the need to follow God and Jesus, then you go to Jesus, not a man made organization. The whole "where else can I go" is a red herring.

    Anyway, good luck on your journey to freedom.

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