Waking Up From a 34 Year Slumber.

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  • Ultimate Reality
    Ultimate Reality

    Alg, one thing about Matthew 24:14, this scripture identifies a work that would be done during a particular period of time - not a particular religious group. Additionally, Matthew had a 1st century fulfillment, yet, the Society still operates on a Parallel Dispensations interpretive model of the bible, claiming that many parts of the bible have a secondary, larger fulfillment. However, is there any evidence according to Jesus' words that a second fulfillment would take place?

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    Welcome. You mentioned:

    I still attend meetings but find myself becoming more and more detached from the congregation as they appear to be in a hypnotic condition.

    You are not alone. From the moment your eyes open, it becomes more apparent how many others eyes are closed. The meetings will become more of a challenge now that your perception has become sharper.

    The problem that I find myself in that I see many others face is, Where else can you go? The scriptures direct Christians to keep associating with each other (Heb10:24-25). So I guess I will stay around until I find something better or until Our Heavenly Father Jah corrects the matter. I would like to add 1 additional point to my blog. The main reason that I have not left JW's is Matt 24:14. Who is known for preaching God's kingdom wherever they can?

    Why do you need to "go" to any formal location or group? Base your life on the example of Jesus. He associated with all types of people, crossing over the boundaries of race, sex, religion and culture that so many people of his day allowed to divide them. That's why people found him so refreshing. He taught a brand of broad, principle-based spirituality that people could begin to apply immediately in their lives. Each person would apply it differently and if they were working on bettering themselves spiritually, then they would have no time to pick at each other's faults and worry about what divides them. My personal feeling is that at the moment Jesus was off the scene, his message began to be corrupted. Not that a man like Paul meant any harm. It's just that once churches began to be formed, the troubles began. Arguments over doctrine, morality, eating habits, circumcision, etc. What we call "Christianity" today seems to be a far cry from what the Bible says that Jesus did in the four gospel accounts. You acknowledged it yourself when you said, "If Jesus materialized and joined a congregation, he would probably end up disfellowshipped." The point is, Jesus probably wouldn't join any church or congregation anywhere in the world today. He would try to free people from the rules and restrictions of organized religion, only to be called a heretic and persecuted all over again. Which makes me wonder, JWs speak about how they can expect to be persecuted for adhering to Jesus' message and his command to preach. Do you think its possible that persecution could come from within the organization when a person like yourself notices un-Christian actions within the Society?

  • RosePetal

    Hi Alg welcome to the board, I have sent you a private message.

  • Nickolas

    Excellent introduction, alg. If you stick around, which you should do to help your awakening, you will be bumping into people like me. Atheists, I mean. The books already recommended are invaluable. I've read "Captives of a Concept" by Dan Cameron and I'm about midway through "Crisis of Conscience" by Raymond Franz (who, as you are probably aware was a member of the Governing Body for 9 years) and it in itself is a remarkable work that all Jehovah's Witnesses should read - except of course they are forbidden from doing so because if they read it they will no longer be Jehovah's Witnesses. I do not suggest that you abandon your faith because that might not be the best thing for you, but I do suggest you seek to understand non-theistic perspectives now that you have freed yourself from your bonds. You will have become an apostate, anyway, for reading the books already recommended, but be aware that it is only a label with about as much real significance as a small tuft of facial hair, attendant and dire retaliatory consequences notwithstanding. I also suggest you read "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins and "God is not Great" by Christopher Hitchens, but wait a few months to wake up entirely.

  • AZheat

    Welcome alg1052... be thankful that you indeed did wake up. There are several million that will never wake up from the hypnotic trance that the wt has put them in. Some spent more than the 34 years that you did being mislead, lied to, intimidated, etc........... The books suggested are excellent reads, I have read all of them several times...

  • alg1052

    I have read Ray Franz's 1st book Crises and down to the final 2 chapters of the Christian Freedom book. Both are eye opening and confirms many of my thoughts I have had throughout the years.

  • What Now?
    What Now?

    Welcome! Just joined the forum myself a few weeks ago. By the way ... this may seem silly, but what an interesting point you made, that a mans face is DESIGNED to have facial hair. It's such an obvious point, why have I never thought about it that way before?? My husband and father and I have had MANY a conversation about this ridiculous rule over facial hair

  • dogisgod

    Welcome! It's funny how one thing will wake someone up and a thousand others don't even hear it. Good for you. I left after 36yrs. I recommend that like in a divorce, don't do anything drastic for a year. I ended up attending Unitarian Universalist. I can't deal with dogma or patriarchial crap anymore. Go out and live a great life and apprecate this beautiful planet and find great people to embrace. You won't be sorry. Welcome to life.

  • Alfred

    "1 out of 6 soul patches belong to homosexuals." -The Governing Body

    The other 5...

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