Can you answer: What is "The Truth™"?

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    When you boil it down, "The Truth" in JW-land is a subliminal message that is and has been stressed that the JW's have in long, confusing talks. It is a form of a code word. It means everything to the JW but nothing really to outsiders. They use it as an anchor-word where if you ever try to leave you won't be "in" the truth (JW definition) and you will be missing out on hearing the truth (dictionary definition) about this world. It's a word that inspires fear - they are implying they have the only truth (dictionary definition) or the real meaning behind everything that is happening and everything outside their definition of truth is inherently false.

    If a scientist proves that people have been around longer than 6000 years, he does not have the truth or he is not in the truth and thus he is false. If a doctor tries to give your kid a blood transfusion, he does not know the truth about it and he cannot understand it since he is not in the truth.

  • godrulz

    A buzz word for a JW can have meaning to non-JWs. It is truth that smoking causes cancer. Those who deny this are believing a lie.

  • smiddy

    Asking an active jehovah`s witness what is the "truth"???

    don`t hold your breath!!!

    What is this pre-occupation with having to have an answer to "What is the truth" ??

    Life is life & death is death

    We all live and we all die

    That is the truth,the only truth you can be sure of ,anything beyond that is from human wisdom,and we know how corrupt that can be ,just look at religion


  • jgnat

    godrulz, I am speaking of literature that was written before any bible account was put down. They can't be lying because they did not know what Isreal was to record. Scroll down to the "Prominent Civilizations" table, and count the polytheistic cultures.

    I'm not talking evolution, I am not talking Dawkins, I am not talking athiesm. I am talking about source documents, which is the closest we have to truth.

  • godrulz

    If Hindus and Egyptians have source documents that are old or if Plato wrong before the Gospels, it does not make it true. It is a logical fallacy to think antiquity makes something true. The biblical Genesis record goes back to the beginning of creation and is monotheistic (Gen. 1:1). If something was recorded in another culture that predates it (such as a pagan belief system), it does not make it true.

    This seems like a side diversion. Our interest should be what is true or false about God now. Does God exist? Is He YHWH? Is He Allah? Are there millions of Hindu gods that are not demons?

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    The Truth was knowing you had the Privilege of being in Jah's chosen few. Knowing all others would perish because of being Unworthy. Knowing you were a True Disciple and Jah would protect you.

    No longer blind to the False Teachings of Babylon The Great. Having a REAL relationship with The Almighty and his Son.

    Not afraid of Death for A New System awaited you and your loved ones. Willing to Die or let those closest to you....... for The Truth!

    Knowing you Had to be Better than everyone else so as not to blemish the Name of Jah.

    Then one day you find out like the title of the thread that "The Truth" is copywritten and it's all about $$$$$$$.

    Sometimes.... The Truth Hurts!!!!

  • jgnat

    Godrulz, you made a statement that all of humankind began as monotheistic. The most ancient literature available disconfirms this statement. It is not a logical fallacy to look to source documents as the closest to the truth.

    It is immaterial that the bible describes creation. Many other cultures also have creation stories, but we do not date the source of these stories to creation.

  • godrulz

    The Bible records the beginning of human history (Gen. 1). Adam was monotheistic, not polytheistic. Polytheism was condemned by the one true God early in history. The Word of God trumps your specious sources that contradict this basic truth. The question is if there is one true God (mono) or many gods (poly). Are you saying polytheism is true and it reverted to the error of monotheism?! Don't trust sources that are not divine (they are false if they contradict God's Word). I mentioned documentary hypothesis theory. This has been refuted, yet still taught by liberal universities. Learn to check out the credibility of your sources (liberal theories sound persuasive, but they are not true).

  • jgnat

    Yes, but when was Genesis written? The link I provided lists documents and cultures that predate the writing of Genesis.

    Just because you know how to spell specious doesn't mean you know what it means.

    I'm not saying that polytheism is true. I am saying that recorded history indicates that there were many polytheistic cultures with recorded history before the bible was written.

  • yknot


    please don't hijack the thread any further.......(reasonable suggestion = start your own thread)


    The question was simply about what the WTS answers as 'Truth™' when using it as a 'buzz word' or 'cult speak'.

    "The Truth™" is nothing more than our professed belief that Jesus was enthroned in 1914, thus the end is nigh. We believe such and under such enthronement Jesus charged only the WTS/Bible Students/JWs as being worthy and thus becoming God's sole channel on earth during these 'end times'....

    However, this 'Truth™' is subject to change as it did from 1878 to 1914 or to simply be brought out less and less and just passed off as 'the kingdom of God'.....which by the way doesn't happen at this years DC.....granted the whole 1914 thing aint trotted out during the 'message' portion of the talk but rather the 'method' section.

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