I walked out of an Elder's Meeting

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  • LongHairGal

    Almighty Dog:

    I am proud of you for having the courage to walk out of that hornet's nest. I never felt that the BOE was directed by holy spirit. However, I am particularly struck by the horror story you tell about allegations of "non-payment of contract workers". You mention that "many of these workers were sisters from nearby congregations". This makes me sick because I am sure that many of these sisters listened to the dictates of the religion, to their detriment, and perhaps did not get higher education and careers. When I hear stories like this I am thankful I never fell into the trap of working for anybody in the JW religion.

    White Dove:

    I am sorry for what you tolerated with trying to be a pioneer with these JW females. Anybody there who felt there was a pecking order and that they were the "head" of it would certainly have an issue with me because I would never humor them. On a related point, this also applies on a secular job if you are unfortunate enough to work with JW females. I would have to set them straight and tell them to can their great lady or prima donna act.

    And, yes, it is true that the brothers couldn't care less about what JW women do to each other in service. In fact, I think some of these brothers feel at some level that certain privileged women are there to keep other women down. In the business world, you could be a victim of discrimination by another woman. Why does the management allow this??? Because, they do not want too many women in a high position - SO they will "allow" maybe one female to be elevated and then SHE keeps the rest down. See? This is also an unspoken rule in the religion.

    This is a very abusive religion and I saw through the whole thing.

  • jgnat

    If fading is the wiser choice, use JWN as your outlet for your true feelings. I do.

  • kimbo


    think before you act

    practice your cover story to make it your own

    lie lie lie

    you can always tell them the tuth next

    week or next year .

  • jgnat

    Mad Sweeny, I feel your pain. To prevent the loss of long answers, I do a Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C before I send (Select-All, Copy).

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Don't do anything that IDs you as apostate or even 'weak in the faith'.

    If you want to help your kids be free of the cult, you need to be seen as a good wee Dubby while you do it.

    They have been indoctrinated by you, their mother, and the cult hierarchy for their entire lives. They are not going to say, "I'm so happy that you are leaving the cult, Dad!" They will be damaged. Don't underestimate it. You need to start teaching them critical thinking skills that will eventually have them telling you that you are a cult member and that you need to get your act together and leave.

    Good luck


  • JustHuman14

    I would agree with Black Sheep, since when I left WT my family was broken. I do have kids in there and I managed to keep the lines of communication open, despite the fact that their mother is fully brainwashed JW.

    It is a hard thing but WT is just an evil cult that tornes appart human lifes

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