Sunday Drama-"Young Ones-Be Discreet and Wise"

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  • teel

    If lil' Timmy was wise, he would have just nailed HotSlut, and be discreet about it

  • dozy

    Similar themes seem to come up every year:

    (1) A generous embellishment / rewriting of bible accounts to suit the WTBTS agenda (whatever happened to "Do Not go Beyond what is written?"). At least they didn't show Joseph going pyramid to pyramid with the latest Watchtower scrolls or Benjamin chairing an elders meeting discussing a letter from the Governing Body in Jerusalem.)

    (2) Bad associations within the congregation.

    (3) Slagging off (by inference) the internet / facebook.

    (4) Hot worldly schoolmates & workmates who make it their main aim in life to date a JW (oh if only that was true...!)

    (5) Elders are always depicted as wise , spiritual and giving perfect judgements and showing a keen interest in younger ones while handling matters in a mature unjudgemental way (have the GB actually met up with any elders recently.......?)

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    This will have the nerdy, pimply youths playing tents in bed, hoping...........hoping..........hoping.....

  • RagingBull

    I love how convention dramas always makes R&F JWs the most HOTTEST and WANTED people on earth. GTFOH!

  • DanaBug
    I love how convention dramas always makes R&F JWs the most HOTTEST and WANTED people on earth.

    Satan wants them. . . wants them sooo bad! But only in their own minds.

  • straightshooter

    Who's mom would go and confronted Hot Slut's parents? That is unbelievable.

    Hot Slut breaks down and confesses everything, and is forced to post a retraction!

    But Potiphar's wife did not break down and post a retraction to benefit Joseph. Timmy should have been removed from the cong and years later receive the blessing from Jehovah.

  • luna2

    I seem to recall another drama masterpiece years ago that used the Joseph/Potiphar's wife theme. I can't remember the modern day part of the drama, but they sure do love to drag out Joseph and how he didn't do the nasty with the hot woman who was coming on to him, but ran away instead. Such a good example for JW boys and if they ran into situations like that all the time in the high school corridors.

    I'd like to know how Joseph's becoming one of Pharoah's head honchos is an example they like to use, though. It goes against everything they beat into JWs about the preferred work environment. They'd rather that witnesses exist one step above poverty rather than get a good job and make enough money to live, let alone have any kind of power.

    Very funny synopsis of the drama, though. Much more entertaining than actually having to watch the thing at a convention.

  • the-illuminator81

    You can't even trust people in the KH nowadays... imagine how bad worldly people must be.

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