Camping ''bewildered'' and ''mystyfied'', but check who is taking blame...

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  • steve2

    Recommendation: this song works best with a slight off-syncopated beat and can be delivered in semi-rap if you want to be real cool

    The last verse and chorus should be sung with gusto - preferably as if you are going to go out and kill a moose with your bare hands.

    And, on the beat, singalong with me:

    a 1, 2, a 1,2,3...

    (Chorus) When the end don't physically materialize,

    spiritualize, spiritualize.... spiritualize

    When the end don't physically materialize

    spiritualize, spiritualize... spiritualize

    (verse 1) Don't let being wrong put you off

    One wrong prediction ain't enough

    So when the end don't materialize (chorus)

    Fool ém once, fool em twice

    (verse 2) Hook em in - you got ém for life

    So when the end don't materialize (chorus)

    (verse 3) Look at those dopes listenin to me

    They deserve every single false prophecy

    So when they cry and wail in despair

    I'll just tell em the f-ing end's always near (refrain: It's always near but never quite here...)

    cause when the end don't physically materialize (repeat chorus twice then end...or keep it going like the f-ing world)

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    He's in real trouble in October...

    uhhh, it was an invisible fireball...


  • slimboyfat

    Maybe he thinks he can keep putting it off until he's dead and doesn't need to answer for himself.

    I wish everyone would just ignore this guy. Who is he anyway? Was he like already famous before he made these stupid pronouncements?

  • transhuman68

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