Attack and Destroy, New JW Policy

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  • rebel8

    I'm not interested in lifting my pinky finger to free cultists--adults, anyway. They need to take the first steps themselves, then many are available for support and information.

    I'm interested in preventing the innocents from ever experiencing harm in the first place.

  • Violia

    Ive often wondered too why Xjws don't put more organized effort into helping others get out of the Borg. Some have and we all know who they are. It's seems like everyone has their own agenda. I left a high control org. and don't want to return to one in any shape , form or fashion. I recall talking with a person in one of the XJws groups who wanted me to come to Jesus and I must pray to Jesus. I can't do that. I have always known God as Jehovah and I'm OK with using words like Lord, Heavenly Father, etc but praying directly to Jesus has been something I can't get past. I find that segment of xjws just as controlling as the jws were and BTW, just as mean spirited. There is a segment that has become atheists and I'm OK with whatever anyone chooses, but that is not for me. I know that is why Simon lets everyone post on this board, all who follow the guidelines . Xjws are not a religion in itself- even though the WTS thinks we are.

    I guess I am wondering where I fit after I left the jws. I know I'm not an atheist although I can listen to folks like Pat Condel and even agree with him on a lot of things. I could not stand to be in another high control religion. I often wonder where I should be. Currently I lean toward the new age type things, but I'm not radical about it. I think right now I have incorporated a lot of different religious ideas and made my own belief system. I also don't think my family or friends have to believe like I do or don't believe. I'm grateful to evolved this far.

    JWS say that if you were ever a jws you will never join another religion. That sounds a lot like "once a catholic , always a Catholic". And I hear the words the wts is fond of quoting " where will you go? ".Those were Jesus words and they take them out of context, but they use them anyhow.If the WTS only knew that this DB and others like this are just jumping off places and not a religion. We now have to learn to think for ourself and now as adults we get to choose what we believe. I even now can now examine Jws in strong daylight - just like I would any other religion.

    Maybe I will get that book "releasing the bonds- empowering others to think for themselves" . I wish could get past this feelings that I should belong somewhere to be OK.

    I found a website I'm not sure if it is still active but it is just excellent . I once talked with the owner and he said it just started it on a lark but it grew rapidly. I don't agree with him on all of it, but he did make me think.

  • agonus

    "Have others influenced me to entertain the idea of heavenly life?"

    Um, yeah, there was that one Jewish carpenter. For a few on the GB, it may be more Uncle Ted and a jar of vaseline...

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    By the way, anyone wanting to read "Releasing the Bonds" should probably read "Combatting Cult Mind Control" first. RtB uses the principles explained in CCMC and lays them out in a relatively formulaic manner, considering how complex the situation is.

    I think the question of why it is so easy to get hooked by a cult and so hard to get out is an important one. The answer is that it isn't easy for everyone to get hooked, otherwise the JWs and other cults would have a lot more success in their recruiting. The fact is, JW recruiting is a pathetic failure that struggles to surpass the birth rate.

    And for those who do get pulled in, it is by no means an easy task. We were subject to intensive indoctrination, strict information control, manipulation of thoughts and emotions, and pressure to perform specific cult behaviors until they became habit. Even with all that mind control brought to bear, how many Bible studies actually follow through, get baptized, and become JWs?

    It is HARD to make a cult member. It is HARD to break one, too.

  • TheLoveDoctor

    then the overflapping Generation is cooky

  • sizemik
    If there is an easy way in, There has to be an easy way out , right ?

    Wrong . . . wrong . . . wrong . . . eruption.

    Fundamental to this probelm (s'cuse pun), is considering what the individual actually WANTS . . . .

    When we were converted . . . we WANTED it (at least in part) . . . that made it easy.

    Most active JW's don't WANT to "get out" . . . that makes it hard.

    We're talking "carrots" and "sticks" to a "donkey" . . . this donkey doesn't like sticks OR carrots . . . that simple really.

    I'm interested in preventing the innocents from ever experiencing harm in the first place.

    Now that . . . I can agree with!

    Welcome to the board . . . good subject.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz


    although 'easy' to get in may be so (not for everyone though)

    everyone had a different core reason for going in

    and will need a different reason to exit.

    On top of that, exiting is not easy. It can kill literally. You can't pull the rug out from under people without offering 'somewhere else to go'.

    unfortunatly, there are splinter groups (Lords Witnesses) that target JWs and those leaving and offer them the same sort of crap to feed on...


  • slimboyfat

    It takes some chutzpah for the GB to criticize "young anointed" where they are all "young anointed" themselves!

    Do they think people haven't noticed or what? I am really beginning to wonder if this religion is unravelling from the top.

  • Lozhasleft

    This is so insulting for genuine anointed members within the congregations. It ensures gossip and controversy will surround them. And if the anointed individual doesnt fit in with the GB's legalism and hard stance it means they will be more of a target for doubt. It happened to me in '96. I remember feeling sick to my stomach when I read similar in the WT. And everyone wanted to know my 'take' on it. Awful situation.

    Now I see that anointing isnt exclusive to the WTBS at all. But of course they can bundle everyone who claims it (but isnt in the little approved 'gang') into a group of insincere, mistaken, or mentally defective persons.

    Its not only insulting to the anointed but dreadfully insulting to the one who anoints. Appalling.

    Loz x

    Edited after Slimboyfat's post - sorry to give a wrong impression with my wording - I believe unequivically that everyone/anyone claiming to be anointed should be accepted as genuine without question. Its not up to anyone else to challenge it all all. Its between the individual and God.

  • slimboyfat
    This is so insulting for genuine anointed members within the congregations.

    You say that as if there really is such a thing as genuine anointed in contrast to pretend anointed and the insane. It's all made up. All of it!

    What you have is a small group of make-believe special people claiming they are the have the right to say who else can be included in their special group and saying that many who claim to be part of their special group are in fact insane or liars.

    They are all pretty "special" in my opinion, everyone believing in the whole sorry story to begin with.

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