Closing a number of Branches is an EXCITING Development???

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  • Rank&FileGuy

    This is an exerpt from the Aug. 15, 2011 WT p.18:

    Why is DOWN-SIZING an "exciting development"? Amazing how they spin it.

  • sabastious

    Simple: because they don't believe it's down-sizing.


  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I shouldn't laugh at this, but its hilarious in a cynical, dark comedic kind of way. Essentially these old timers that served at the branches and Bethel homes, whether or not they realize it, they've been told, "You've ceased any reasonble usefullness to us, and are essentially dead weight. No matter, you'll have the privilege of fending for yourselves financially and voluntarily offering our literature to an already apathetic public. Isn't Jehovah wonderful!!!!" You know I've made some mistakes in my life that I regret, but I'm glad I never made the mistake of going to Bethel. Glad my folks had enough sense to tell me to at least go to a trade school for a brief amount of time and to get a job. Those big-wigs in Bethel get everything free, use people like whores, and then discard them like coffee sleeves whenever they choose to. They could care less about people. Loving organization my butt. Buncha scoundrels with a token black.

    The last part that you didn't highlight is beautiful. Simply marvelous!!! Brother Lett urged the audience to pray for the Governing Body as representatives of the slave class to continue not only being faithful, but also wise and discreet. By the way, and I realize this has been discussed before, but why is the g and the b for the Governing Body capitalized, yet the f, d, s, c, in the faithful & discreet slave class not given such consideration? If this class is so important and salvation beyond the great day of Jehovah dependent on us recognizing and obeying this slave class' direction, then why isn't it capitalized, yet the Governing Body is?

  • agonus

    Poor Steve. That rubber-faced smile is looking more and more plastic... But he's still the warmest-looking of the bunch.

    And it's not just "exciting"... it's HISTORY-MAKING, brothers! ;)

  • agonus

    Pretty soon "Jehovah" will be "jehovah" with a small "j", and "GOVERNING BODY" in all caps...

  • wannabefree

    I too am interested in the end of the paragraph.

    Brother Lett urged the audience to keep praying that the Governing Body, as the representative of the slave class, continue to be not ony faithful, but also wise or discreet.

    Would this not imply the opposite is possible?

  • Maze

    One would have to look at the overall demographics to an get accurate picture of an organization's growth rate.'s_Witnesses

    In 2010, these reports indicated a total of more than 1.6 billion hours of preaching, resulting in an increase of approximately 300,000 baptized members.

    According to ABC News, Jehovah's Witnesses were the fastest growing religion in 2010 (up by 4.4%).

  • OnTheWayOut

    If the literature were accurate, it would say that these people are being laid off. Heck, even when I was still a believer, members referred to the first round of Bethel layoffs as "layoffs." (granted- just to each other). Also, the literature should really say to pray for those former Bethelites who never expected to be laid off and on their own.

    Bethel layoffs was what first made me join JWD (JWN) after reading for awhile. It's such an obvious sign that they don't care for their own. Asking for prayers for the gb to remain faithful and discreet is just another obvious sign that they are a mind-control cult.

    Edited to add: I said "If the literature were accurate..." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.
    If only pigs would really fly.

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