Wifes leaving their husbands

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  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Morbid ~ It sounds like you had a rough start, and I didn't intend any disrespect. I hope things go better for you in future....

  • mamalove

    I also divorced my husband, left the religion, took my kids and started a new life. Why? I hated the religion, I knew it was full of lies, and I wanted my kids to grow up more balanced and not face the hardships of being a JW and wasting ones life away. My marriage was awful, we were roomates, I had zero respect for him. He had a hair trigger temper, had gotten violent, and spent zero time with me. He was selfish. I knew that there was a better life out there.

    Best decision I ever made. I landed on my feet, did fine, very happy and fulfilled. My life is full of great people and family. I am learning new things every day and experiencing things I never did before. My kids still see their dad, but they can see the hypocrisy, even at a young age and have no desire to be JW's. They placate to their dad and pretend to like JWness when they are with him. But they make comments about how they don't want to be JW's when they are older.

  • finallyfree!

    i left the sorry ass of my wife and its the best thing i ever did. (not the best financial move tho)

    top reasons why i left:

    1) unsufferable biatch

    2) physically abusive

    3) mentally abusive

    4) she never"put out"

    like they say "freedom aint free"

  • Morbidzbaby

    Sam Whiskey~ No offense taken... I can see how it would seem one-sided to those who read it.

  • Quarterback

    Yes, this is exactly happening in my congregation. At least 4, inwhich I'm aware of. One was an Elder's wife. The Elder had to step down.

    I think that there is definitely a flaw in the ORG with relationships. For instance, two need to work because education is frowned upon to earn a decent wage. Men rule the house. Very low pickings for the females because of the ratio of men to women, and the ORG wants the men to stay single so that they can work them in a thankless job at the Bethel facilities. Abuse is common in such relationships that leave the women to feel that there is no way out. For instance, Abuse is not a reason to obtain a scriptural divorce. The only option is to make up with the Abuser.

    I know that the scripture they use is from Jesus words that state that fornication, or adultery, or death disolves a marriage. However, lets use some common sense here. Jesus was talking to the Jewish men that were getting away from divorcing their mates for silly reasons. Back then women didn't have any rights. So, Jesus was holding the men accountable for their decisions. So for centuries, so called godly men got away with holding the poor women in servitude. Thank goodness for the freedoms we enjoy today. I do not want to interpret exactly what that scripture is/how to be applied. But but I know that Jehovah watches over the afflicted one. Women are realizing that freedom from a domineering marriage is a possibility. I think that it looks good, that people are excercising thier rights, and not staying as slaves to abuse.

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