Would Y'all Like to See Something Awesome From the Book of Jasher?

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  • snowbird

    Care to join me?
    Sure, what's the topic?

    How Noah and Shem taught Abram the ways of the LORD.

    I'd always wondered how Abram acquired such a great faith, seeing that his father, Terah, was an idol maker and worshipper.


  • EntirelyPossible

    Are you asking me to read the book, Syl?

    I mean, at that time, there was no idol prohibition, why couldn't Terah have worshipped Jah as well?

  • snowbird

    I would urge all to read The Book of Jasher.

    Terah was a worshipper of the Babylonian gods, not YHWH.

    In those days, there was a prohibition against idolatry; this was the main reason for the Deluge.

    Later on, this prohibition was codified into the Ten Commandments.

    Methusaleh, Noah, Shem, and Eber were aware of this, and taught it to Abram.

    Terah knew full well that idolatry was wrong; he cared more about money than true worship.

    Do read the book.


  • *lost*


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