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  • MrMonroe

    Where did the author get the information? Does he

    supply sources that can be checked?

    That's the beauty of Wikipedia articles on Jehovah's Witnesses, the faithful slave, the Governing Body, the failed predictions and criticism of the religion in general: a verifiable source for every statement is provided.

  • finding my way
    finding my way

    So the partakers are now mentally ill or clinging to past beliefs but they are fit to ;ead in the greatest preaching and teaching work of all time... right

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Found it under the article 'Pursue Peace' on pg 31 par 16.

    You're right, basically the paragraph says the Elders have the power to be judge and executioner.

    How very Orwellian of them. The article is Persue Peace and the subject is how DFing is like shooting someone through the heart with an arrow.

    "War is Peace"

    "Freedom is Slavery"

    "Ignorance is Strength"

    "Big Brother is Watching You"

  • kimbo

    My 'mental or emotional embalance' was caused by 'past religous beliefs' [the watchtower]

    I need to partake.

  • Joliette

    Is this in the study edition or public edition?

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    I don't know if anyone has brought this up so far, but I have two questions:

    Scenario One:

    What if there are not enough "anointed" to complete a full set of Governing Body members? What if all the remaining anointed ones are in rest homes or in hospice, or are Altzeimers patients, or are simply alive but otherwise brain dead? Will members of the Great Crowd of Other Sheep no longer be sheep, but actual members of the Slave Class?

    Scenario Two:

    What happens if the number of partakers (especially among the older brothers and sister who have been faithful for 25 years or more all decide that they are specially chosen, quit having visions of New Earth human existence and realize that they too have the heavenly hope) begin to climb each year to an unsupportable number, like say 100,000? Or maybe even 144,500? Then what is the Watchtower going to do? Say that the apostles and early Christians are really part of the Great Crowd because they didn't really understand the Bible as well as modern Jehovah's Witnesses do?

    I am quite sure that at some point the Watchtower will come out and admit that the 144,000 is a symbolic number using 12X12X1000 to show that the number was special, like 7X70 and 7000 years, etc. I think they will make this change within the next few years. That will really be freeeeking NOO LITE!


  • Christiana
  • likeabird

    Always check the sources...

    Spiritual Gem #1. Perhaps Witnesses should apply the standard the WT recommends for gathering information on the internet to WT publications; from page 4:

    (3) Where

    did the author get the information? Does he

    supply sources that can be checked?

    On the same page of the article on the Internet (wt Aug 15 2011, page 4) is the following information :

    "The Internet can even become
    addictive. For example, an estimate pub-
    lished in 2010 indicated that 18.4 percent of
    Korean adolescents were affected by Internet

    This is link to the study made :

    And a direct quote from the study :

    " The incidence of Internet addiction in adolescents was estimated to be approximately 11% in China [2], 8% in Greece [5], and 18.4% in Korea [1]."

    How did they make the study ? (This is where it gets interesting)

    "This cross-sectional study included 1,000 adolescents from grades 7 through 9 living in Seoul, Korea. Of 1,000 participants, 800 students were recruited from eight junior high schools. The remaining 200 subjects were recruited from the Korean Youth Counseling Institute (KYCI), where they had been diagnosed and were being treated as Internet addicts."

    Now do the math.

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