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  • watersprout
    SPAM is mystery meat

    One of Carrots customers made him a spam sandwich once cause she was convinced i didn't feed him properly! Lol. He said it was NOT good! Lol


  • talesin

    @ snowbird

    Thanks! I truly did not know that,,, but yes,,, spiced ham - spam.

    He said it was NOT good! Lol

    yah, I can't choke it down myself, just the smell of it ,,, makes me kinda queasy

    No insult to all the SPAM lovers out there!


  • Lozhasleft

    Ooh lovely thread with all our familiar sayings...I used to speak Welsh but have forgotten lots of it now..Duw is the correct spelling Pams Girl and it means God in Welsh. If people wanted to swear in Welsh years ago they'd say 'W'anwyl i thad' meaning 'Dear Lord'.

    Now I'm in Mancland (Manchester) there's loads more sayings to learn too - typically I cant think of any now...but on the food front

    Eccles cake - puff pastry with full of currants otherwise known as Dead Flies Cake

    Ponch Mipe - a combination of leftover cooked veggies and potatoes mashed together and fried in patties

    Scollops - potato slices deep fried in batter

    Mushy peas - processed type peas soaked and boiled for hours til they become mush

    Welsh rarebit - cheese on toast with some added bits like mustard and milk

    Tripe - The lining of I think pigs stomach boiled in milk (revolting)

    Black pudding - A blood and spice mixture made into a roll cut into slices and fried up with English breakfast (Banned by JWs)

    Lancashire Hot Pot - Lamb/Mutton stewed with veg and potatoes in a pot

    Here in Manchester they have to have gravy with everything from the 'chippy' (Fish & Chip Shop) they say 'we av to av summat moist'

    Loz x

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