New Curcuit Overseer Brainwash Talk....Obey the Slave even if you find a serious Flaw in JW Doctrine

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  • bob1999

    "But Acts 11:19-24 shows that converting 'the Greeks' already had Jerusalem's blessing"

    "'patiently waiting' for the rudder GB to change direction!"

    In the talk he acts as if God had changed. That's what gets me. God doesn't change.

    From the talk at 17:13 "the GB has been told by God Almighty we're making a change " "....Jehovah's making a change"

    The bible teaches us that God does not change.

    Greeks being saved was always God's plan.

    The WTS thinks God changes his plan and they think God is still changing his plans.

    That is just so wrong.


  • jair_irwin

    Thanks foolsparadise! I'm not a huge fan of Six Screens but that link is great.

    What got me was the talk about "if you had a direct vision/dream from Jehovah, but the Governing Body said, 'Thanks, this is our understanding now'" should listen to the GB instead of Jehovah!


  • besty

    can somebody get that talk of sixscreens onto somewhere reputable....where we could link to it without the baggage....

  • LostGeneration

    Theme of the talk should be "Sit around and wait" Wait on the GB. Wait on Jehovah. Oh and Jehovahs waits on the GB now! That was an incredible line!

    Absolutely disgusting. So many mentions of "Governing Body" I just lost my lunch. Must have been said 150 times in that talk.

    Pretty weird the discussion about dreams and how a member of the GB would take it to the other members for consideration. I wonder which current GB member is having special dreams from Jah?

  • lovelylil

    I listened to the talk too, it made my skin crawl, could not wait until it was over.

    Doesn't any of the Witnesses still in wonder why the term "governing body" is not found anywhere in the bible? I used to wonder a lot about this. I can honestly say not everyone in our kh worshipped the FDS like some did. We found those that did to be immature christians needing to be fed spiritual milk.

    Our kh lost over 40 members in a few years span. So many left the Hingham MA congregation (including entire families) that they were merged with another kh. The same is true with Quincy MA (now closed) and Rockland MA (building sold a few years ago). Lots of these ones who left still keep in contact with me. They also saw the reigns tightening so severe that no personal choice was being left for the members. I call them "conscientious objectors", they objected to the FDS having the control over the flock the way it does now.

    Actually we have all been out more than 7 years now, and the control is getting worse!

  • RagingBull

    Well here's what I learned.... None of those time periods were 130yrs. there was no "flip-flopping" and no one was DF'd for disagreeing. Howdoyalikethemapples?

  • LostGeneration

    Blind allegiance is what they demand. No studying Greek on your own and trying to really understand what the scriptures say. And even if you do, so what? You are just a peon and we are the GB. I guess a lot of JWs are still ignoring the directive in the 07 KM about studying too much and figuring out that the GB is just blowing smoke up their rear end.

  • baltar447

    Wow, the point about the ones in Jerusalem not agreeing with what Peter said is a COMPLETE fabrication! The outline (I'm assuming it's an outline talk) is re-inventing an application of the word to say that they REALLY didn't AGREE with PETER, that they REALLY DISAGREED.





    This is complete crap. Read any other translation out there to get the meaning of Acts 11:18 and you'll see that these ones in Jerusalem, when faced with the evidence of these gentiles, HAD to shut their mouths and praise God for allowing uncircumcised gentiles into the early Christian congregation. This talk made me mad more than anything, do they think everyone's stupid??

  • WTWizard

    This is not new--they are simply reiterating what they have always been doing. I remember them doing the same thing around the Sept 2007 Kingdumb Misery--you know, the one banning independent study of the Bible and using independent sources. They dictated around then (I don't remember if it was in the same Kingdumb Misery or just around the same time) that one must abide by the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger no matter what. Even if you could prove a doctrine wrong, using their own Bible, you must still abide by and teach their bad doctrine until they themselves fix it--and, if the new version is even worse, you are supposed to abide by and teach the even worse version.

    And that is probably not the first time they have said that. This sxxx has been going on ever since the time of Russell. They put out a series of books supposedly explaining the Bible, and made the claim that anyone using just the Bible would never come into truth. And Boozerford picked up on that, while trashing holidays and forcing everyone into field circus. They might be taking it to a new extreme, but it is the same basic doctrine as always.

  • lovelylil

    do they think everyone's stupid??

    No not stupid, but they know the congregation is spiritually asleep............lulled into that state by the Watchtower itself. If the WT can keep its members asleep they can print whatever crap they want to without any objections!

    Good for you that your eyes are now wide open. Peace, Lilly

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