2011-2012 Let God's Kingdom Come DC starts this WEEKEND

by yknot 50 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • mrquik

    Let me guess. The new lite on Daniel's image is that at the very bottom is "athlete's foot". This will be a clear sign that there are seven years more before the end. This, of course, is from every anti- fungal medication know to man where the instructions clearly state to apply for "seven days". Using the day for a year formula, we can accurately predict the end in 2018. (This time.)

  • yknot

    IMHO...I think they are just looking to notch up the urgency enough to satisfy 2014 JWs and still be able to slide into 2015 smoothly....

    Talking a lot of gooblygob about prophecy will be enough probably......ooooh I wonder if the writers channelled early Losch!!

    oh well I aint going until June so any poster who wants to take one for the team is greatly appreciated by all on the forum and those of the international community who lurk during the early part of the season!

  • Honesty

    Just more of the same old Bullshit:

    Make good use of the generous and timely supply of spiritual food provided by "the faithful and discreet slave."

    We can "learn the Christ" properly and accurately if we regularly take in the timely spiritual food provided by the slave class, study it diligently whether personally or in a congregation, meditate on it, and put into practice what we learn.

    Love "believes all things" in God’s Word and makes us grateful for spiritual food provided through "the faithful and discreet slave."

  • serenitynow!

    That statement about learning how your family can "qualify" to live in the paradise seems weird to me. Is it just me?

  • Snowboarder

    not going to go this year, i had enough of this BS! "qualify" ya right, they fuck up your life, then you to have respect them...no way!

  • yesidid

    Serenity, I was just going to post about the "qualify" thought, but see you beat me to it.

    From a Biblical stand point it seems strange, but I guess it is in line with the WBTS teaching of "earning" life. Jesus was a bit of a waste it seems.

  • VM44

    "God's Kingdom Will Crush All Other Kingdoms-When?"

  • thetrueone

    That statement about learning how your family can "qualify" to live in the paradise.

    Thats really not unusual for the WTS., its a suggestion that equates to come and join are organization and you'll qualify

    to live in a Paradise for a thousand years. As long as you do as the leaders say and obey them to the fullest.

    ( and of course buy and sell are products as we instruct you to do)

    Its the typical baiting tactic that the WTS. has been using on the public for a very long time.

  • FollowedMyHeart

    serenitynow!, That caught my attention, too. I thought it was a strange way to put it, but can't quite put my finger on exactly why.

    It almost exudes a "holier than thou" feeling. God's planning a paradise for an elitist group. It's like having to join a fraternity.

    Of course, none of these thoughts are anything new for the WTBS. It's just the way they word it makes it sound odd.

  • thetrueone

    The mention of family is used to incite the protection and well being of children and of ones who are parenting .

    You parents do you want to see your children die a horrible death at Armageddon ?

    Of course these bait tactics never reveal the imposing probability that you might have to sacrifice your life or your children's life

    if you need a blood transfusion as a result of a medical problem.

    notice the young family walking together at the bottom right.......awwww

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