Life after death

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  • Nickolas

    You are likely not going to want to hear this but your question could be posed in such a way that the answer is self-evident.

    Do you remember life before your conception and birth?

    Of course not. Then why should your life continue when once again your body ceases to exist? Life is a complex set of chemical and electrical reactions that depend on

    a) supportive environments (the ecosystems provided by the planet and your body itself) and

    b) symbiosis (the billions upon billions of dependent organisms that live in and on your body without which neither they nor you could survive. Your body contains 20 times more microbes than it does cells.)

    Near death experiences are hallucinations manifested by a brain in the process of being starved of the things that keep it functioning. When your brain dies, you die, and when you die, you die. Game over.

  • Giordano

    Thank you Nickolas! Your always a breath of fresh air.

  • chickpea

    pretty much on the " why waste the one sure life" bandwagon

    i have become reconciled to the concept that everything we
    call alive is pretty much star dust components, recycling endlessly

    and i am SO engaged in making this assemblage count!

  • poppers

    Read Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. You may change your mind about reincarnation.

  • Star tiger
    Star tiger


    When you look how all the books of the Bible came to be incorporated into the Bible, at the council of Trent, it seems to me that the most popular books got accepted, via a Britains got talent vote, that probably all of it is a matter of ones personal belief and nothing to do with the actual reality of this life!

    Star Tiger

  • journey-on
    Do you remember life before your conception and birth?

    Some do.

    Research some of the accounts of people, especially small children, that recall past lives. Some are well-investigated documented accounts by reputable researchers. It's fascinating. Of course, there are the crazies that jump on the band wagon and claim to be some famous reincarnated personality. But, when you get past those people, and look at the real research and accounts, you have some pretty astonishing reports.

    Someday, imo, when we have evolved enough, we will be able to explore the physics of the soul. We are already making strides to some degree in how we view consciousness. The body is merely the instrument of the soul. But, when the instrument breaks or deteriorates, does it mean the consciousness of the soul is no longer there? There is just too many possibilities to consider to say determinedly that there is nothing after physical death.

  • still thinking
    still thinking


    Those who choose God's side pass through the light and become Holy Ghosts.
    Those who do not become converts, that is they become converted to Satan's way of thinking.
    Children who die pass over immediately and receive their inheritance. They have special status with the Creator.

    What you have said here is quite scary if you really look at them.

    This is the type of reasoning cults and nut jobs who kill their children have when they do things in the name of God to protect their children.

    It cannot be true. Simply for the fact that if you took this literally the best thing that can happen to us would be to die. If this was the case, death would not have been used as a punishment for original sin. It would be a reward.

  • godrulz

    5th Nov.: You have ostrich syndrome. You are believing a lie and will be in for a rude awakening. You can deny gravity, but it will affect you if you jump off a cliff. You can deny God, life after death, etc., but it will not change the fact that you have a spirit-soul that will live beyond your body. This is not a fear tactic, but reality. Those who have a Christian worldview have abundant life now and eternal life later. We have a purpose for living (love/glorify God, etc.) and are more than hairless apes who will end up being dead dogs in the ground. You are fooling yourself and ignoring God's revelation on the subject. I could deny I have cancer or that I will not die, but this does not change the reality of it (I might fool myself into happiness, but it would be illusory and a feeble foundation).

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    I'll let you know after I die.


  • godrulz

    It will be too late. Now is the time to sort it out. We can trust the One who has died and is now risen from the dead. He has revealed the truth on the matter.

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