Life after death

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  • ProdigalSon

    Reincarnation/Spiritual Evolution. Most of the early Church Fathers believed it, it's taught in the Bible, it's taught in all the major religions with the exception of Christianity, Josephus made it clear that it was the common belief of his day, the book of Hebrews is a forgery, we have millions of instances of near-death-experiences and deja vu, and most importantly, it makes sense to me and answers all my questions. To put the icing on the cake, the Catholic Church declared it heresy, which means there must surely be some truth to it.

  • Honesty

    20571pnt428571 sez:

    Death is temporary, therefore no one needs life after death, life itself is life, death is death.

    Death is only a limitation due to sin, and only on earth, were it will be fully removed. 1Cor15:26

    Everything else is just impatient speculation, and demons wanting to keep the original lie alive, "you positively will NOT die, Eve"

    Man is in transition to be under the power fully, that will remove death and sin. Of course sinful systems must be removed at that initial take-over.

    Can you tell me how the144,000 'anointed' sons of God figures into your hypothesis?

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton
    demons wanting to keep the original lie alive, "you positively will NOT die, Eve"

    but Eve did get to live roughly nine hundred years after that lie.

    What about those Bethelites on the cover of the 1984 Watchtower. The generation that the WTBTS promised will not die. They had less than 30 years to live after that lie was told.

  • truthseeker


    Down through the milleniums, humans have suffered the judgment of vessel death and complete death for those involved in judgments. Adam and Eve are a prime example and those who died in the flood are another.

    Adam and Eve aged to death, but were under judgment of wrath. God simply let them age to death so that they could see what they had lost over the period of time they lived and so they could view the badness associated with their rebellion.

    This natural death that occurs is because since the time that sin entered the fleshly creation, all have died off the planet in successive generations in keeping with God's altered plan. Even those of the pre flood era eventually passed over before a thousand years would be marked in a natural aging of the vessel and mortal death occurred.


  • jair_irwin

    I don't know. I can't prove that there is, and I can't prove that there isn't. Either viewpoint would require some level of faith.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Actually, the scriptures are contradictory which explains the very wide spectrum regarding Christian belief. Rationally, I go with the view that Paul and others believed Jesus was not resusicated but transformed. We just disappear at death but God will create transformed physical bodies fo rus at the Second Coming.

    I don't know what transformed means so I have trouble accepting it. Jews did not believe in spirits the way the Greeks did.

    So I feel the resolution is also a matter of world view and personal consicence. Right now we can choose to believe what we want.

    As with many important matters, Jesus and the apostles were quite capable of giving us a more definitve view. Maybe it is not important.

  • godrulz

    Reincarnation is a lie, a Hindu/Eastern philosophy. It is based on a wrong concept of sin/salvation (works vs grace based). The cross/death/resurrection of Christ results in 'it is finished'. Heb. 9:27 precludes reincarnation. The Bible teaches resurrection, the righteous to everlasting life and the unrighteous to everlasting punishment. The Bible does answer these things and is revelation from God. There is no reason to have extra/contrabiblical speculation when we have the Word of God. Scripture is not contradictory, but our understanding can be deficient.

  • Chariklo

    I am sure there is life after death. Quite apart from Jesus' clear promises on this and all Biblical evidence, it's interesting that from mankind's earliest years (and I'm not talking about WT dating) almost all socieities believed in some form of life after death. Not a logical belief by any means, but universally prevalent.

    There is no reason to have extra/contrabiblical speculation when we have the Word of God. Scripture is not contradictory, but our understanding can be deficient.

    That's good solid WT teaching, isn't it? I don't believe it.

  • godrulz

    THe WT is not wrong about everything. They are right to consider the Word of God the standard of truth, but deadly wrong to mistranslate and misinterpret it. When the Pharisees and Satan twisted Scripture, Jesus corrected the misinterpretation while still upholding the authority and veracity of Scripture. It is a lame argument to say the Bible is not the Word of God just because the WT abuses Scripture. Talk about throwing baby out with the bathwater. Using your logic, theism is false and atheism is true because the WT is a theistic group?! Cmon. Too many ex-JWs have overreacted. Instead of rejecting WT idiocy, they wrongly reject the possibility of knowing the real God and affirming biblical truth in context.

  • FifthOfNovember

    My view is that this is all we get. I think that after I die, I'll feel the same way as before I was born, absolutely nothing. As depressing as that sounds, that is the reason I am so happy. Since I feel that this is my only life, I don't stress over things I know will mean nothing. My friends always mention how happy and relaxed I am all the time and this is definitely the reason why. It makes me love life so much.

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