Circuit Overseer talking Ray Franz in talk this morning (Phone number included)

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  • Heaven

    The CO wouldn't have the guts to mention Ray's name because everyone will go out and Google it after the meeting. Then there would be even more "young ones leaving in droves" (to quote my Dad's CO). Maybe you should post a sign "Google Ray Franz -- I dare ya!"

  • koolaid-man

    May 15, 2011, Circuit Overseer Brother Cunnighams concluding talk to a congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. At the very end of his talk only a few minutes left I was disconnected. I think the elders in this hall saw an unusual amount of callers coming in and figured out they were Apostates.


  • lovelylil

    Thanks for the link Rick, glad someone taped it. Will listen tonight.

  • lovelylil

    O.K. I have to admit that listening to a kingdom hall talk after being out for so long, made my skin crawl.

  • Terry

    Heck, I could write the talk myself AND include Ray Franz in it easily.

    The love of the greater number cooling off would be the theme.

    Piece of cake.

    No speaker in good standing, however, would ever be permitted to give such a talk. The use of Google afterward by curious people

    would be deadly!

  • EmptyInside

    This congregation is so going to change the PIN number.

  • jwfacts

    That was a good experience for you. You now know that there are no good answers to what Ray brings up. The CO was force to use typical high control techniques - wait on Jehovah, just keep going through the motions of preaching, where else would we go.

    Now you can have a real discussion with your father. Tell him that you are very disappointed that none of the issues Ray raised were addressed. That the organisation is saying trust us, without supplying any reason to. It is no different than if you were a questioning Mormon or Seventh Day Adventist, or any other religion. If you have questions they just tell you that it doesn't matter, because they are the truth. That is one of Lifton's 8 indicators of a organisation using techniques of persuasive cohersion.

  • EntirelyPossible

    "Where else are you going to go"

    To the bar to order another round, maybe some wings if I am little hungry.

  • itsacult2

    Question: did ray franz show up???

  • sizemik

    LightsOut . . . you've raised your doubts with the Elders . . . given your Dad a copy of C o C (to which he hasn't responded) . . . and then been invited to the CO's talk on "Ray Franz" (which means he may have mentioned you to him)

    That could be sailing close to the wind . . . just saying . . . if you're baptised . . . watch your back friend

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