Circuit Overseer talking Ray Franz in talk this morning (Phone number included)

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  • Gayle

    well, I listened, but got in a little later,,didn't hear 'Ray Franz' mentioned at all.

    The talk was about waiting on Jehovah,,even when there are things that don't seem right,,the circumcision issue called on a time of just waiting,,some felt this way and some felt that..he even mentioned the phrase that there was a "agree to disagree" stance on it. ??? But he stated issues can go on as the circumcision issue was going on through the 40s A.D. and still on to possibly the 60s A.D,

    So no where else to go thing.. Just wait.

    But he informed ones even if they disagree with this such thing or other to just continue preaching. (So obviously unity of the minds doesn't matter, just the preaching door to door matters.)

    When it comes out on tape, I will probably listen again there for the complete talk.

    I think the talk would just leave ones in a quandary for ones that are thinking. It made me think, they, the GB, are cooking up something more that has to be just accepted.

  • therevealer

    The gb is something like Greyhound bus lines. Only in this case it is "leave the thinking to us"

  • TweetieBird

    Maybe something was mentioned in his final talk-the public talk is from an outline so not much room to deviate but the final talk (if they still do that) is usually created by the CO to touch on congregational issues.

  • LightsOut

    sorry everybody...talke was the second talk the CO gave. The one to end the meeting.

    He never mentioned Franz, just that even a member of the governing body could rely on their own way of thinking....blah blah.

    I'm sure somebody will have it taped and post it for those that want to hear it.

    Basically it all balled down to "Where else are you going to go"

  • Satanus

    'even a member of the governing body could rely on their own way of thinking'

    So, the gb members aren't allowed to think, iether, if the other gb members don't agree w him. That's what it sounds like.


  • WontLeave

    So, the gb members aren't allowed to think

    Everybody acting completely in unison. No individuality, no thought, nobody pushing their own agenda, but allowing themselves to be led by an outside source, as a unit. Wait, that sounds familliar.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Modern communication has to hurt them deeply. Googling is so easy. When I found out about Franz, prob. from the NY Times, I raced to purchase the book and waited by the mailbox for it to arrive. Both my mom and I dropped everything and read it in a few sessions. Finally, we had proof that others shared our view and specific details about WT governance. What an experience?

    We sent the book all over the place to former JW family. My JW aunt finally mentioned it to my mom. She was so earnest in her voice that Freddie Franz was totally heartbroken by his nephew. She had no idea what it said. There was drama in her voice, like Freddie Franz' pain is more important than anyone else b/c he was Freddie Franz. She was such a good person, I did not argue or try to inform her.

  • Satanus


    That is more correct than you know. Ouija really means yes yes, first the french yes and then german yes making up the name.


  • sabastious

    Holy Crap WontLeave that's a deep thought! Thank you for that.


  • GOrwell

    Wouldn't it be nice if all the unidentified 'apostates' (those who haven't outed themselves yet) dialed in and gave up their home phone number (caller id) voluntarily... just sayin' - but maybe it's just me and my paranoia!

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