After Exiting the Witnesses - Are you O.K. Not Knowing about the Future ?

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  • sinis

    More than a realist... I have friends who are pretty high up in intel agencys for the "beast" - shits getting crazy...

  • JimmyPage

    Would love to hear more specifics about "shit getting crazy".

    And in reply to the thread, even when I was "inactive" and still somewhat believed in what the WT taught about impending Armageddon, I didn't care and just got off on enjoying life. It was still better than going to boring ass meetings!

    Nowadays it's a bit scary knowing the summer of your life is ending and fall and winter are approaching... but such has always been the way for all living things. Studying Zen has given me some real peace of mind and a feeling of acceptance. Namaste!

    At least I'm preparing more financially than I did when a Witness and teaching my kids a more realistic view of life than what I was taught.

  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita


    "More than a realist... I have friends who are pretty high up in intel agencys for the "beast" - shits getting crazy..."

    Sinis, could you be more specific and is it merely in regards to economic conditions?

  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita


    MRS. JONES- I agree. I don't need to know the future either. Here and now is good for me.

    Flipper; with all respect and sincerity let me ask you. Do you have grandchildren. "Here and now" is not going to be "good" at all for all of us in the coming 10 years.

  • sizemik

    There has emerged a degree of pessimism here centered around the Global Economic situation.

    In 1949 . . . Albert Einstein said . . . "A largely unregulated capatalist system will eventually result in the greatest tragedy for mankind"

    We appear to be approaching that point. I don't see this necessarily as bad as it might seem. Even a "collapse" of the current economic system will not be as sudden as some might imagine IMO. Countries with weaker economies will undergo change first (as we are beginning to see) and usher in changes that will see Global Economics change for sure.

    The increase in competition for resources will drive some populations to a more "subsistence" style economy with simpler life-styles and a more internalised "local" distribution of resources as international markets become more unstable.

    For the individual . . . land ownership and working towards a higher degree of self-sufficiency would be a wise course to persue IMO. The greatest threat could come from lawlessness resulting from the austerity imposed by simpler life-styles. Humans collectively will find the changes painful in one way or another . . . but the human race will survive this change . . . and eventually be better for it . . . hows that for positive? . . . no?

    See . . . nothing to worry about really.

  • slimboyfat

    When you are a Jehovah's Witness you don't know about the future either, you just don't realise that you don't know about the future.

  • Heaven

    Even a "collapse" of the current economic system will not be as sudden as some might imagine IMO.

    The "Special Period" and what followed in Cuba in the 1990s is a wonderful example of how economic collapse can move a community forward, together, for positive change.

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    Good thread!

  • sinis

    Without saying a whole lot they are running scenarios, Continuity of Government exercises, and are saying when, not if, the US experiences riots, uncivil rest like Greece, etc. with a collapse in the $$$$ system... welfare, pension, etc.

  • flipper

    CRAPOLA- I agree with you. I feel the same as you. I am hapier now than I ever was as a Witness. We can make our own decisions and not be told every move to make. Very free feeling !

    MANTHEDAN- Like yourself when I realized we all die it was a very freeing thing. It helped me see the need of doing ALL we can and want to do while we have life ! I agree- it's great not living in fear of an imagined Armageddon.

    SINIS- I agree. My wife and I watch much alternative news. We are aware of some of the things you are talking about.

    JIMMY PAGE- I'm glad you have found some peace studying Zen . Like yourself I'm doing as much saving of $$$ as I've turned 50 a year ago. Trying to downsize my debts so wife and I will have an easier time of it by the time we reach 60 hopefully.

    TERRA INCOGNITA- I do hope to have grandchildren, indeed. However my JW daughters ( regular pioneers ) are being told to knock on doors right now- not ave babies. So I'll just have to wait. Perhaps my non-Witness son will ave children first, we'll see

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