No memorable talks at assemblies? Sorry to sound cynical!

by punkofnice 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • humbled

    The only memorable was a funeral talk given by an anointed brother who had the difficult job of staying "in the lines" of JW doctrine because the deceased was the much-loved elder of our congregation--and had died by his own hand. This brother had long suffered from profound depression add finally a pill overdose ended his life.

    The talk walked along the edge of athoughtful merc that I had never heard in a KH. It made allowance for this suicide to have been--just maybe--- forgivable. It allowed for the unknowable psychological moments of this lovable brother's suffering.

    Many of the non-believing relatives who attended were disgusted that the talk didn't put him in heaven straight-away. But the JWs there were delighted that Dear Brother hadn't been absolutely cast into the outer darkness.

  • punkofnice

    humbled - Not the reason one wants a talk to be memorable. Praise the 'glorious one(TM)'.

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