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  • sabastious

    The Wachtower says Witnesses have a tranquility unknown beyond the walls of the Kingdom Hall and it's people. WHAT YOU SAY IS APOSTATE LIES!

    "Apostate lies" is one of the Witnesses favorite phases and coincidentally one of mine too, but for different reasons.


  • cantleave

    Yep - the "Happiest People on Earth" are a right miserable bunch!!

  • sabastious
    Yep - the "Happiest People on Earth" are a right miserable bunch!!

    Some of them are blissfully happy. I reckon it's because they have some thick skin and they can ingore the WT BS. These rare people have incredible "mind filters." But hearing what you want to hear all the time isn't a great habbit to form.


  • Hairyhegoat

    Yes my jw dad is a complete arsehole! He is a true borg man This dad of 5 needs to contact his kids again and put religion aside and become a thinker for himself, cuz if he dont he will never see his 5 grandkids before he snuffs it

    Thing is I hate him for bringing me up in this cult


  • 21stcenturywoman

    I don't think it would be fair of me to apply this to all JWs, but I grew up with a lot of negative thinking that came straight from one of my JW parents. I had to overcome a lot of negativity in my life. To this day my super "spiritual" parent is always complaining about health problems (which could be improved with a better diet and exercise), and has to make negative comments about the simplest things (example: Me "I'm thinking of buying a bike" JW Parent: "You're going to break your leg").

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