The best actors of years gone by...

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  • prophecor

    Barbara Stanwyck

    Rita Hayworth

    Anna Magnani

    Clint Eastwood

    Robert De'Niro

    Joe Pesci

  • talesin

    oh, yes, I forgot Proph,,,,

    Love barbra Stanwyck,,,, I Want To Live,,, is one of my favorite movies, and a true story to boot. Just watched it 'again' a few months ago. It never gets old.

    Tks 4 the reminder.

    thumbs up!

  • ShirleyW

    Clark Gable, Clark Gable, Clark Gable . . . and Robert Mitchum.

    Thank goodness for the TCM Channel, all these new "Zach , Josh" actors, have new idea who they are or care to find out !!

  • talesin

    actually, DOH, not barbra staywick , but Susan Hayward OOOPPPSSS!

  • talesin

    shirley,,,, gotta love robert mitchum and tks, cause most folk don't 'get it'




  • ShirleyW

    Talesin, remember that movie he made with Shirley McClaine? Think it was called "Two for the Seesaw", or something similar, love that movie !

  • littlerockguy
  • talesin

    No, shirley, that is a new one to me ,,, and tks so much! coooollll ........ I will look for it and D/L it :D

    do you know the one where he played the younger (bad) brother to John Wayne? early in his career? It's not Ringo ...


  • unshackled

    Re: Jack Lemmon....anyone remember Mister Roberts, also starring Jimmy Stewart and James Cagney? He was great in that...essential Lemmon fan material.

    Also...just realized I typed Peter Fonda earlier....not Henry Fonda. Though Peter is good too.

  • moshe

    A-hem ! Didn't you forget someone? Like Jack Benny and, Rochester- who often got more laughs and fan mail than Mr Benny- and Redd Fox- I am trying age into a crochety/satirical bend of Jack Benny and Red Fox style as best as I can.

    And Don Knotts- where's my bullet? Nip it in the bud!!


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