The best actors of years gone by...

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  • sinis

    John Wayne, Peter O'Toole, Alec Guiness, James Caan, Lee Marvin, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Charleton Heston, Kathyrn Hepburn, Rock Hudson, James Stewart, Clark Gable, Robert Duval, Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, ... wow what happened to these legends? Today, we just have quasi fluff and nothing more...

  • designs

    Lee Marvin

    Elizabeth Taylor (Butterfield 8)

    Paul Newman (HUD)

    Peter O'Toole (Good Bye Mr. Chips)

  • Hopscotch

    Don't forget Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, James Mason, Audrey Hepburn........


  • sinis

    ... and William Holden

  • StoneWall

    Oh there are great actors of even today as well.

    Just think of people like Jack Nicholson,(The Shining,One flew over the cuckoo's nest,just to name a few of his) Morgan Freeman (Shawshank redemption was one of my all time movies)

    Brad Pitt (A few of his: A river runs through it, Troy, Legends of the fall)

    I know there's going to be some that are/maybe intimidated by Brad Pitt and will cast disparaging remarks about him but I give him credit were it is due. He is a very talented actor. In my opinion he is a lot like Robert Redford of days gone by.

    I know there is a lot more out there but my mind is tired today and I'm sure others will be by to post some of their favorites as well.

  • sinis

    The ones you mentioned are very good at what they do, including Pitt. I just think the vast majority of modern actors don't have that "spark" like many of the old timers have/had...

  • talesin

    My fav 'old' actor is Robert Mitchum .... woop woop!

    Nowadays .............. John Cusack .... hasn't made a bad movie yet.

    Nick Cage isn't too shady either,,,, along with Wesley Snipes (got eff'd by the gov't) --- he absolutely ROCKS THE CASBAH!


  • talesin

    Stone - love Pitt, so what if folks are jealous? he's great.


  • iceguy

    Clint Eastwood

  • leavingwt

    I really miss William Holden. Great actor.

    Gene Hackman is now retired. He was my favorite.

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