JWs at my Door

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  • laverite

    Oh - and one more point. Yes, the JWs were very gracious. I want to make that very clear. The guy doing the talking had a warm and friendly tone and manner. Had they not been there to preach crap, I would have been happy to offer them a cup of tea. They left graciously and did not try to argue or challenge what I said to them (When I was going door to door I can't claim that I was that way...basically they acted the way I WISH I had been when I was going door to door).

    Looking back does anyone cringe at some of the things you said at the door? I think I'll start another thread.

  • sizemik
    do what feels comfortable

    Ah . . . I think in that premise there lies no malice . . . and no negative aftertaste . . . for either party.

  • laverite

    Good point, Sizemik!

  • MrMonroe

    It's entirely appropriate for a householder to provide some unsolicited advice to someone who has arrived at their door, uninvited, as part of a highly organised proselytising campaign.

    Witnesses expect householders to listen respectfully, but they are trained to talk, not listen, at the doors. They are often pushy and generally intolerant of opposing viewpoints. Although eager to push their literature on to householders and take advantage of their unfamiliarity with the Bible and JW doctrine, history and organisational practice, they refuse to accept literature from householders.

    They are not going to be shocked at a blunt response from a householder, but who gives a rats if they are offended?

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