JWs at my Door

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  • laverite

    Doorbell rang. Saw through the peephole that it was JWs. Opened the door and said "Hi" in a friendly manner. The guy doing the talking was clearly surprised by that. He said he was looking for Spanish speaking families, and looked a bit confused. I said "We don't speak Spanish, sorry."

    Regrouping, he then went into his presentation about why they were calling (encouraging people to read the Bible). I asked what group they represented (knowing full well), and when he said JWs, I said in a warm and friendly manner: "Oh! Well, thank you for coming by but your group has a 100% failure rate in all of its prophecies. You are in an apocalyptic doomsday cult. And, you've got to get out of it." He thanked me and they went on their way.

    I will not pretend I am not home. I will not get into a full conversation. A short and sweet no thank you with just enough information to say "hey, we know what you are about, and it's a bunch of BS." I don't mind spending five seconds calling them out. I know I won't get to them. I know I won't change their minds. I don't care. I want them to know that people are onto them and we know they do NOT have the truth.

    Sorry, but you can't go to people's doors talking crap and not expect to be told the real truth about "The Truth" (tm). Politeness and manners are important nontheless.

  • Gayle

    I think that was a great fact for you to state,,something brief, factual, unemotional. I expect something short and brief could 'stick' more than a rambling argument.

  • Honesty

    Next time they show up looking for Spanish speaking families ask them:

    Por qué quiere engañar a la gente que habla español con sus doctrinas falsos en?

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Honesty, that is a very good question!

    I love what the OP said, too.

    I see a problem, though, with implying that they know they are teaching crap.

    When I went out in service, I never thought for a moment that it was crap or that I was in a cult.

    When people denied the veracity of what I believed and was telling them, I thought they just didn't want to believe it.


    Never ever in a million years thought that there was merit in what they said to me, or what they said actually meant.

    No clue.

    I think what OP said would work if a JW actually was a thinking one and dared to think for herself and had a thought that was her own.

    Born-ins have no basis for comparison. We were trapped since birth and only knew we had the truth and YOU didn't.

    In addition to OP's answer (a fantastic one!:) what might work with born-ins who never EVER had an original thought of their own?

    It's a little difficult to call someone out on lies when the person isn't lying (meaning they really truly believe they are saying the truth, an honest mistake not a lie).



    They walked away thinking "Your the Nut"..


  • laverite

    White Dove - You wrote: "I see a problem, though, with implying that they know they are teaching crap." I didn't imply that they know it's crap.

    The higher ups in the society know, to varying extents, what is on shakey ground. Rank and file don't necessarily know this unless they are part of the Conscious Class.

    Who is OP and what did OP say?

  • laverite

    Outlaw- Yep. They do. But that's ok. :)


    [email protected]

    O/P..Opening Post..



    Hey Laverite..

    You did good..But..

    I know thats what they thought..



  • moshe
    I want them to know that people are onto them and we know they do NOT have the truth.

    Good job, mate- if everyone did that it would be Chinese water torture for JWs- the more they talked to the public, the more they would hear what you told them- some just might crack-

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