JWs at my Door

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  • steve2
    still warrants a warning if we feel like giving it to them.

    Fair enough. Some people like yourselves feel a genuine need to warn others. I respect the intention. Yet, it sounds uncannily like the old-time JWs who felt they had succeeded in spreading the word if they at least "warned" householders of Jehovah's day of wrath. Such warnings were well-intentioned, I suppose, but whether they were effective or constructive, I'm more certain: They weren't.

  • Poztate

    I don't agree with Steve... The dubs came to your door to tell you their "opinion" of life and what you NEEDED to do to conform to their beliefs.

    You rebutted with the FACT that they were a cult and should look into what they believed. It sounds like a mutual exchange of information to me

    YOU WIN.....

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    What Laverite did wasn't rude or arrogant.

    The JWs came to his door uninvited and would have proceded to tell him that what he believes is wrong and they only have the right religion (if he started to study with them).

    Laverite had the right to say what he did. It's his place of residence and the JWs chose to knock on his door, not the other way round. And as a JW I encountered people far worse than that. He could have been far ruder but was polite and the JWs took that graciously.

  • steve2
    Laverite had the right to say what he did. It's his place of residence and the JWs chose to knock on his door, not the other way round. And as a JW I encountered people far worse than that.

    Never in dispute - which is why I took care to express it as my opinion and validated Laverite's right to choose what to say because they called at his house door. The heaviest comment I made about Laverite's response is it appeared to me unfair, given the politeness of the JWs (who thanked him for his comments and left) but yes, householders said far, far worse things to me...

  • hubert

    Also, Laverite may have "planted a seed". One day, that seed may grow big enough to draw them out of that cult.


  • wobble

    I think you did as well as can be expected within your own parameters Lavvy, and I think you were polite enough.

    I doubt I will get the chance to talk to a JW, they do not call on me, I am a known "spiritual danger"in this area, how frail is their faith ? a few words from me and I will crush it ?

    If I do get the chance to "Anti-witness" I think I will give my personal experience and simply say:

    "I used to believe it, but one day I searched the Bible for proof of 1914, and it simply is not in there !"

    This may prompt them to try to prove 1914 to me, in which case WHOOPEE ! we are away!

    Or they may go away and research it for themselves.

    It is an innocent enough sounding reason, at first JW's do not register that if they cannot prove 1914 they have no basis for any of their outrageous claims, like being the "truth" for instance.

  • gutted

    I also disagree with steve2. It's great if everyone is politically correct and respects everyones feelings (and I think laverite did), but in the case of a cult I think it is warranted to use tactics to hopefully open up the close-minded indvidual. I think the best method is as outlined in Combatting Cult Mind Control, through a slow process of questioning and role-playing but unfortunately you can maaaybe get that with select closer friends and family.

    I think now I would go with something like wobble said, that I used to believe it but a further and deeper search of the history of the society made me change my mind. Then I would encourage them to do the same and that's it.

    Honestly I think this is more for the benefit of ourselves, because it's a very slim chance a JW would change their mind at the door. They are already in a very defensive mode when they approach. So it's more for our sanity to find something to convey to them that we have learned and hopefully plant that seed for later on. If we simply say "thanks bye" like I am inferring steve2 would suggest, then nothing is gained, for our sake or the JW.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    steve2 did this same thing with Barbara Anderson last month, do not take it personal. I just do not get him and I just now try not to read any of his comments as it really brothered me how he attacked Barbara.


  • steve2

    Hi Life Is Too Short: I must say I'm surprised that by my expressing an opinion - and validating Laverites'perfect right to hers - I am accused of attacking. If differing opinions even when carefully expressed are dismissed as attacks, so be it. I have appreciated hearing others views - largely supportive of Laverite.

    Surely there is room for differing views without recourse to calling them "attacks"'. As another poster wisely said, perhaps a seed was planted in the JWs mind - so even I acknowledge that we never know how our comments affect others. The comment about Mrs Anderson is gratuitous as her post generated many different responses and I at no stage ever personally attacked her.

  • awaken2004

    Whenever they come to my door I don't say anything negative about their beliefs. Sometimes I think I might but then I think about my own jw family members. I don't think they are strong enough to handle the truth about the "truth". Very sad to see how my family is wasting their lives away.

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