Is Armageddon a REAL EVENT to the GB like 9/11 is to the rest of us?

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  • Giordano

    No they don't believe it, it's a marketing ploy. Follow the money. They produce a product, publications, that are profitable because of free labor and with those profits and donations they invest in all kinds of real estate (and on Wall Street). Mortgages for Kingdom Halls provide a stable return. Assembly buildings are very very profitable. Rental property, office buildings etc. They keep them untill they generate a real return then sell them. The WT makes money hand over fist.

    On the other hand they don't invest more then a token amount in getting the message out there. The world is ending ? Billions will die? Let's buy this valuable real estate in Brooklyn and hold on to it for a decade or so.

    They embrace the new technology that allows them to print more stuff more efficiently and build better permanent buildings but when it comes to getting out the word they do not embrace modern technology but a method that is 2,000 years old and free. Plodding house to house.

  • wobble

    This begs the wider question, do the GB and others at the helm of the WT actually believe any of it ?

  • OnTheWayOut

    I think Armageddon is to the GB what "terrorism" was to George W. Bush during his first term in office.

    It was real enough, and it could bite us in the ass one day (again in that case) but it was more important to use it for personal gain. (In his case, reelection)

    It is a flaw to talk of absolute iron-clad evidence that 9/11 events were coming in comparison to the GB's convictions that Armageddon is coming. By the time they get to the GB, these guys realize Armageddon is a "some-day" event, not imminent. Even my comparison to terrorism has it's flaws- terrorism is practically guaranteed to happen in a way that effects us in our own lifetimes, but the thinking is not so sure with Armageddon.

  • paladin

    It seems like the big 'A' is used to create fear and in turn generate money for the GB business end of it. The GB talk like the big 'A' is a real event.

  • sabastious

    The USA has their own intelligence; once your message and evidence got to the CIA your part would be over, right?


  • sabastious

    In essence the CIA is much like the Governing Body in that we cannot audit their methods of protecting our nation.


  • Terry

    This begs the wider question, do the GB and others at the helm of the WT actually believe any of it ?

    The GB aren't ethically connected to their belief system by rational means or else they'd call a news conference and announce

    how wrong they were each time they change something.

    Instead, they are like members of an online gaming community who plug and play their individual parts and interact with what

    is going on in a VIRTUAL REALITY atmosphere in the "cloud".

    There are many active JW's who share a virtual reality belief system totally unconnected with practical everyday life.

    In the same way a child is aware that Santa Claus is going to impinge upon his life when the event CHRISTMAS arrives; JW's create

    a virtual awareness that Jehovah is going to impinge upon the world with Armageddon.

    It is a passive acceptance of something EXTERNAL.

  • journey-on

    Man! They've got a good thing goin', don't they!!

  • thetrueone

    As its been mentioned before, fear is a tool or catalyst to stir up emotions into people to control and direct them into what you want them to do.

    In regards to the WTS., its to make people proliferate the WTS. literature in hopes of capturing new people by using the same implied

    instigation of fear . The concept of more slaves increasing the power and wealth of the master of his Kingdom can clearly be seen here.

    You can blame some of this occurring exploitation on people's preconceived belief conditioning that the bible is about truth and that its

    value to humanity is a cherished and respected asset. So you can see that its not just people that the WTS. exploits, there are other segments to the

    WTS. exploitation as a whole.

    The presenting package that the WTS has made is announcing that God will destroy all of mankind soon that are not of his earthly

    arrangement and who are not conducting themselves in concordance to his chosen earthly rulers, the GB or executive editors

    of the Watchtower Publishing Corporation.

  • Terry

    In the tv series LOST there is an island with an underground bunker in which a computer console is set up for one person.

    On the wall of that bunker there is a clock that counts down every 108 minutes. At the end of each countdown the one person dwelling

    there in seclusion as a virtual prisoner of his duty must enter a series of numbers into the computer and PRESS a button.

    At that point the clock resets and another countdown begins.

    What will happen IF those numbers are not entered? DOOMSDAY.

    This is how the Watchtower GB sees itself. In effect they must live a life of bunkered mentality as virtual prisoners in Bethel with an ongoing

    countdown to DOOMSDAY (Armageddon). Regularly they must enter the series of numbers (write articles proclaiming the imminent event) warning

    of sudden DOOM only to have the reset happen again and again without end.

    In the series LOST, other characters discover this underground situation and intrude upon it. A series of debates and arguments ensue.

    One of the two protagonists argues that NOTHING will happen if the button is not pressed while the other insists it will result in the end of the world.

    At a certain point the situation comes to a dramatic test. THE NUMBERS ARE NOT ENTERED.

    This is what happened in 1975.

    What occured was what happened in LOST. The cataclysmic event was triggered but with results that changed the entire situation or status quo.

    In Bethel the President was replaced by committee. On the island in LOST...well, I won't give anything away....

    Suffice to say, the role of the Governing Body as a replacement for sole acting President (Knorr) ended one era and began another leading

    to displacements in time and space (so to speak) and the religion changed overnight into a completely different one in many ways.

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